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It boasts 50, With a bright picture even after calibration, the HD has something to offer for both the theater and the living room.

Acer HD DLP Projector for sale online eBay

It has its flaws, among them a menu system that often frustrates when it should assist. So how does it look? Acer H7531D picture is certainly bright, even in its video-optimized mode, putting out over 1, lumens with the lamp on high.


Black level can be quite deep when the auto iris comes into play, especially compared to the competition in this price range. Color needs some adjustment, as each image preset has a distinct yellow-green cast that can be difficult to remove. As a result, you'll Acer H7531D to calibrate the Acer H7531D yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Post-calibration, color is accurate to within kelvin across the grayscale, while the color gamut is improved somewhat if still not ideal.

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Still, HD image quality is in line with other projectors in this price range. There are at least two different ways to use the HD. The first is to put the projector in a dedicated theater room with no ambient light, where the projector's Acer H7531D contrast Acer H7531D be of the most benefit.

In this situation, its bright picture and deep black levels will make a dazzling, high-contrast picture. The second possibility is to use the projector in a room with poor light control, whether that be a living room or simply a theater that is Acer H7531D quite black.

In this case, the iris can be disabled and the HD will still produce a bright, high quality image. The throw angle is mild when compared to other projectors in this class, and those with high ceilings might require a drop tube if using a ceiling mount. Advantages Light output. The HD produces a bright picture even in its video-optimized mode. There are two image presets that are suitable for video, called Movie and Dark Cinema. Movie is ever so slightly brighter, while Dark Cinema has incrementally deeper blacks and better contrast, but the difference in lumen output is not large enough to matter in Acer H7531D use.

As such, we would recommend the use of Dark Cinema for anyone using the HD in a darkened theater environment. With the lamp set to full power, both modes measured roughly lumens. Light output in Eco mode is roughly lumens for Movie and Dark Cinema modes.

Acer HD - Projector Reviews

One further consideration is the use of BrilliantColor, which is enabled by default in both Movie and Dark Cinema modes. BrilliantColor boosts highlights while leaving the remainder of the image unaffected, which Acer H7531D excellent if Acer H7531D need the additional brightness and don't mind the slightly artificial character it lends to the image.

It is less useful for those seeking a pure cinema picture, as it unbalances the image somewhat. If you also reduce lamp power to Eco, final lumen output is lumens for Movie or Dark Cinema. In the living room, contrast takes a backseat to lumens as the most important consideration. When you are Acer H7531D to combat ambient light, the best solution Acer H7531D often to throw as much light at the problem as you can. For these situations, the HD has the appropriately named Bright mode, which with the lamp in its high power setting produces lumens--more than enough for a 60" to 80" screen even in a fairly bright room. Acer HD projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. The Acer HD is a unique offering in the sub-$ p projector market.


It boasts 50, contrast due to its use of an auto-iris, a rare Acer H7531D for a home theater projector in this price range. With a bright picture even after calibration, the HD has something to offer Color Wheel‎: ‎6 segments.

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