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Here you are a screenshot of my current desktop. OpenOffice is a high quality office suite.

Set the three stylus devices to "screen" and enjoy. You can see mine near the bottom left corner of the screenshot I haven't tried yet but they should be good: I suggest you to keep a NTFS Windows system partition primarya big shared Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth partition primary to put all non-system dependant stuff mp3, movies, downloads etc and an extended Partition in the remaining space, to put into the Linux system partition eventually more than one and a swap partition. May be it's used by the recovery cds to restore the system Here's a screenshot of my current partitioning. Note that Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth computer may enter Hibernation mode after a period of time it is in Sleep mode.

Acer TravelMate C Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

Turn the power on to wake up the computer from Hibernation mode. What to bring to short meetings A fully charged battery runs the computer for about 6. If your meeting is shorter than that, you probably do not need to bring anything with you other than the computer. What to bring Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth long meetings If your meeting will last longer than 6. If the meeting room does not have an electrical outlet, reduce the drain on the battery by putting the computer in Sleep mode. Press FnF4 or close Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth display cover whenever you are not actively using the computer. Then tap any key or open the display to resume. Failure to remove the media can damage the drive head. Allow the computer to return to room temperature, and inspect the screen for condensation before turning on the computer.

If possible, leave the computer for 30 minutes in an environment with a temperature between outside and room temperature. Setting up a home office If you frequently work on your computer at home, you may want to purchase a second AC adapter for use at home. With a second AC adapter, you can avoid transporting the extra weight to and from home. If you use your computer at home for significant periods of time, you might also want to add an external keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

Acer TravelMate C (Tablet PC) memory upgrade GoBeyond Ltd.

English Caution: Avoid packing items next to the top cover of the computer. Make sure that the battery in the computer is charged. Airport security may require you to turn on your computer when bringing it into the gate area.

What to bring with you Bring Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth following items with you: Airport security X-ray machines are safe, but do not put the computer through a metal detector. In addition, these tips are useful when traveling internationally: If not, purchase a power cord that is compatible with the local AC voltage. Do not use converter kits sold for appliances to power the computer. English Traveling internationally with the computer English 36 1 Getting to know your TravelMate Securing your computer Your computer is a valuable investment that you need to take care of. Learn how to protect and take care of your computer.


Security features include hardware and software locks — a security notch and passwords. Using a computer security lock A security keylock notch located on the right panel of the computer lets you connect a Kensington-compatible computer security lock. Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth a computer security lock cable around an immovable object such as a table or locked drawer handle. Insert the lock into the notch and turn the key to secure the lock.

Acer TravelMate C300 series User Manual

Some keyless models are also available. Setting a password Follow Acer TravelMate C300 Bluetooth steps: The password box appears. The password may consist of up to eight characters A-Z, a-z, Download Acer TravelMate C Bluetooth device drivers for Windows 7, XP, 10, 8, andor install DriverPack Solution software. Product Support for.

TravelMate C Model Name: TMC . Part Number: . Find another model. Menu. Drivers and Manuals; Community; Contact Acer.


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