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Amigo AMI-IA92 Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

For example, the Courier directory contains files for point sizes of II, 13, 15, 18ond These files contain general information about the typefaces. The file for the Courier font is called, not surprisingly, Amigo AMI-SA99. To copy the Courier font on to Amigo AMI-SA99 Workbench disk, proceed as follows: Then insert the Extras disk and type: Space Writer and so on, making a list of all my disks using KindWords, completing a couple of masterpieces on DPaint II, and composing a short musical intro using SoundTracker, how do I put them all on one auto- booting disk and get them to run?

I realise that certoin directories have to be present on the disk, but which ones and how do I get them there? Keith Pottenden Amigo AMI-SA99 South Yorkshire There is Amigo AMI-SA99 easy answer to o question such as this, because every application requires different directories. A very simple boot disk will require just on S directory.

This allows you to put the 'startup- sequence' script on the disk and stort the opplicotion from there. Briefly, the other directories are assigned as follows: Amigo AMI-SA99 - AmigaDOS commands.

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Any executable file placed in here con be run aulomolicolly from the startup sequence. DEVS - Devices. These are the software Amigo AMI-SA99 thot drive the interface hardware, such as the printer, serial port ond so on.

Also here ore the system-configuration required by Intuition], printer drivers, mountlisi and keyboord setup files. LIBS - Libraries. External libraries of functions ovailoble to any software Amigo AMI-SA99 requires them.

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Workbench, for instance, uses the icon. L - Handlers, Vorious other little goodies used by the system. Amigo AMI-SA99 only need these if the program requires extra fonts.

The default Amigo AMI-SA99 font, Topaz, is already included in the ROM, However, the inter-relation in the system means thot if you need lo used disk-based fonts, you must also have the diskfont. With experience you will gel to know which files are superfluous and which are required. To gel you started, an interesting piece of sharewore called WhotIS con help you determine which 'resources' a progrom requires. It is available from most good PD libraries.

Inol anolher plug Mark? Although not intended for beginners, it covers boot disks in great depth.

Amigo AMI-SA99 Modem Drivers

I know, because I wrote it, MS hour clock Following the advice given in the May issue of your magazine, I now have a digitol clock displayed when Workbench is runnmg. I now wish to go one step further and have the clock in hour mode iwith seconds and the date disployed. How do I alter the clock default settings Amigo AMI-SA99 that this new mode becomes the norm? Device: Amigo AMI-SA99 Description: PCI Version: D for Windows 9X Amigo AMI-SA99 driver for Windows 9X, version D. Download Amigo AMI-SA99/SE99 driver for Modems software now.


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