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Had a bit of trouble getting the lid back on as I caught the silver bits of the chassis. Lid back off and next attempt the lid Apple Mac-F4208EC8 on avoiding the silver bits. Never higher. Lion Install - this is where I had trouble as there are many ways to achieve this and it can be confusing Below I post a step by step that hopefully others may benefit from it. I have 2 macs. A inch iMac and the above mentioned Mac Mini.

Mac mini (Mid ) - Geekbench Browser

Because I have this setup, I used the target disk mode Apple Mac-F4208EC8. Steps below. If not already owned Buy FireWire cable. Place both macs together so the FireWire cable can reach them both.


Plug cable in. I copied the Lion Installer to the desktop so it was easy to get to. The installer would start, I would choose the mac mini HD, the install files would copy across in about 3 minutes, then the iMac would restart. Upon restart I was faced with a selection of disks to choose. Nowhere on the web could I find the answer to this. Every guide just says " install via target disc mode" and that's it. I changed them to different names - iMac HD and MacMini HD, although renaming one would have Apple Mac-F4208EC8 and attempted the target disk mode install again. This time when the installer copied the files and then restarted the iMac, the installer simply picks up where it left off and installs Lion to the MacMini HD - Success.

I really wanted to report this here as it might help others.

Just make sure your HD's don't have the same names. Boot up mac mini to target disc Apple Mac-F4208EC8. Many guides say to simply hold down the letter T when powering up the mini. This did not work for me on several attempts. Go into system prefs, startup disc, and click the target disc mode button. The mini will reboot to TDM. Use whatever method works for you. Not important. The MacMini hd should now be mounted and visible in Finder and on the desktop. Find the lion installer and double click on it.

Apple Mac-F4208EC8 The installer will start. When the installer gets to the disc selection window it will be defaulted to the iMacs hd.

Complete List of All Mac Hardware Models including Chipsets (config.plist format)

Simply click the " other disc, more options " Apple Mac-F4208EC8 to see all the discs you can install to. Find your MacMini hd disc, select it and continue. What will happen now - the Lion installer will copy about 3 minutes worth of data to the mac mini HD via the FireWire cable. Apple Mac-F4208EC8 these files are copied the Lion installer will need to reboot the iMac so that the Lion installer can actually install Lion. When the iMac reboots the Lion installer will automatically continue with the Lion install. It will take about 30 minutes and a progress bar will be visible counting down the minutes. Once Lion finishes the install it will restart the iMac. No big issue and it does boot from it too. Your mac mini should still be in Target Disk Mode as we have not touched it during this install.

Mac mini (Early 2006)

If it isn't make sure it is. Even though the Mini 1,1 has been upgraded with a supported Core2Duo CPU, Lion still won't run from the "unsupported" Apple Mac-F4208EC8 model as long as the standard unedited supported models plist file is present. Some have edited the file but most just delete it. We will delete the plist file in Apple Mac-F4208EC8 terminal. Open terminal and follow these commands: Type your password and hit enter. Unfortunately Mountain Lion will not be coming to Core Duo Mac's. Reason: Mac-FEC8″ the “Mac-FEC8″ is a unique ID for your Mac, so copy that.

Benchmark results for a Mac mini (Mid ) with an Intel Core Apple Mac-F4208EC8 Duo T processor. Motherboard, Apple Inc.



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