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Creating playlists A playlist is a list of audio tracks that the music player will automatically play one after the other in order Archos 43 randomly. You can play, create and edit as many playlists as you want.

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To create or add to a playlist, find a song or an album in the music browser and hold your finger down on it to bring up the list of options. Select Add to playlist, and then Archos 43 have the option of putting it into an already established playlist or creating a new play list. When you delete a playlist hold your finger down on the name of playlist then select deleteyou are only deleting the list and not the music itself. The favorites list The "Favorites" is where you keep the music you play the most often.

To add a title, an album, or an artist to your favorites list, just hold down on the item and a few options will appear. Choose Add to favorites. The item will be marked with a star icon. To remove an item from your favorites list, roll it into view and then hold your finger down on it and choose Remove from favorites. Music playback The music playback screen includes the standard playback controls. You can tap on the progr ession bar to go directly to a different location in the song. The previous and next buttons can be tapped once to jump to the beginning of the current song or jump to the next song, or held down to reverse or advance rapidly through the current song.

The Archos 43 to the right of the album cover do the following: Using the menuyou can choose additional items such as the Audio Settings shown to the right or Party Shuffle.


Selecting the party shuffle will create a playlist of several songs from the entire music library. Or, if you do nothing, the player will just add songs as needed to keep the Archos 43 going. The default format is WMA.

Once this is done, the album will become part of your Music Library. Check the laws and regulations in your country or Archos 43 to know if private copying of your CDs for your own use is authorized.

Gallery The gallery organizes your photos for you by the folders you have put them into and by the date the photos were taken. This includes both the photos and videos you have taken with the built-in camera or photos you have copied Archos 43 the ARCHOS. The initial gallery view shows all the albums folders that contain photos. Flick the albums to the left or right to find the one to view, and then tap on it to see a photo wall of its contents.

Archos 43 Specs

If not already present, the photo widget can be placed on one of the five home screens to give you quick access to your recently added, recently played, and favorite photos. You can flick the photo wall to the right or left to see Archos 43 thumbnail of all the photos. The name of the folder you are currently looking at.

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Tap to view the album as a Archos 43 wall shown or as small stacks of photos below grouped by date. Drag the date slider to go through the entire photo wall by date. The date of the photos is displayed as you drag the slider. Example of new pictures created with the cropping feature.


Shown below are photos from the same album viewed as small stacks grouped by date option on top right of screen. Tap on one of the stacks to reveal the section of the photo wall shown in the stack. Tap on Archos 43 thumbnail to display the photo. Tap on the photo itself to show the available options such as picture zooming, start slideshow, or sharing. Playing a slideshow When a photo is displayed on the screen, tap the screen to reveal the slideshow button. To make a musical slideshow, go to the music player, start a song, and then go back to the gallery and start the slideshow.


To get more impressive results, connect the ARCHOS to a television with the optional video cable to show it to many people at once. Cropping an image You can crop an image to fit the format of the screen or just show the more interesting parts. Don't forget that you can also just rotate the ARCHOS itself and a vertically oriented picture will then fill up the whole screen. To crop an image, tap on the menu icon and then on More. Select Crop. Push and pull the arrows until it outlines the desired Archos 43. Tap on Save and the results will be added as a new photo to the photo album.

You can delete the original image without fear of deleting the newly created one. ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet is a discontinued inch tablet computer designed Archos 43 developed by Archos in the ARCHOS Generation 8 Internet Tablets ions‎: ‎ mm ( in) (h); 65 mm ( in). ARCHOS 43 internet tablet.

ENGLISH USER MANUAL version 1. Table of Contents. To better view this manual, turn your device Archos 43 a horizontal orientation.

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