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The MicroBrute punches well above its weight in terms of sonic performance- so very retro. A brutal darling indeed. The MicroBrute is an amazing deal that meets all needs with savage style.


It is compact, powerful, flexible and fun" Future Music "An inexpensive monophonic instrument with flexible modulation routing and a Steiner-Parker multimode filter that provides vintages tones without sounding like an ARP, Mg or Oberheim" Electronic Musician Brutal Potential Process audio. Hook up to your DAW and make whole tracks. Hook up to your Drumtracks, open your door, and play a whole gig. Tiny in size, tiny in price, huge in sound, and vast in potential. Details A synthesizer is a musical instrument that is meant to be played. Ultra Saw makes for huge sounds; Metalizer adds complex harmonics to the triangle wave. Arturia MicroBrute SE Keyboard Connection Osc will rattle the house. Resonance can be pushed into self-oscillation. You can also use it to connect with external gear.

With the MicroBrute SE's stackable patch cables, you get even more modulation possibilities! Although ours are very stable, you may sometimes need to tune your instrument. Artists Corner MicroBrute takes me back to the joy I felt when I pushed that first key and a saw wave spoke back to me. MicroBrute melds the best in a compact little powerhouse.

Arturia - Details

Terry Lawless U2 Artists Corner This mighty little machine runs the gamut from metallic, brutal bass to velvety bleepy, bloopy goodness - Arturia MicroBrute SE Keyboard Connection is a sheer joy to play. Having used many Arturia soft synths, this is a great piece to transition from a laptop. Turn the switch and go. It's blowing minds at both my recordings session and in concert. The perfect compliment to my already diverse rig. Makes it an organic experience.

MicroBrute working right along with the MiniBrute just takes it over the top. It's already started to inspire new ideas with my writing and production. Mini Arturia MicroBrute SE Keyboard Connection for big warm tones. A really good CV. MicroBrute SE is more than a synthesizer. It allows a return to audio experimentation by giving you the ability to process external sounds through it. The MicroBrute SE has an audio input with a pop-up trim pot for level controls on the rear panel.


The step sequencer allows for eight different sequences. These sequences can have up to 64 Arturia MicroBrute SE Keyboard Connection each and are stored in internal memory so that when you power down, they are retained. Once you have your sequences, you can choose between many different ways to trigger and play them. Note On or Continuous Play modes allow you to choose whether the sequence will only play when a key is pressed or to start immediately when the control switch is moved to PLAY. When you change sequences while playing you can specify whether the new sequence will play immediately or wait until the end of the current sequence before changing.

There are even more controls accessible via the free editor software that allow you to tailor the sequencer to your working style. Using the editor software you can import and export your sequences to your computer for archiving.

MicroBrute SE

The vast majority of the new low-cost analog products are lacking this critical functionality, which relegates them to the toybox and not the professional studio. Modular users can use the MicroBrute SE's sequencer, keyboard, envelope and LFO to add a vast amount of functionality to Arturia MicroBrute SE Keyboard Connection modulars. It typically costs more money to purchase a Steiner-Parker filter module, not to mention the other controls that MicroBrute SE offers. Audio In Processing of external audio sources is possible with the audio input. Shape the sound or modulate a vocal part.

Use the external input along with a sequence that is modulating the filter to add some great rhythmic tonal changes to a guitar solo or bass line.

The possibilities are endless. Sequencer details 8 Patterns The built-in step sequencer allows for quick and creative pattern making.

It has 8 sequences that can be up to 64 steps each. They are remembered on power off so you won't lose them.

Simply put the mode switch to REC, start pressing notes on the keyboard and enter the rests using the Tap Tempo button. MicroBrute SE synthesizer is a limited edition of a pure analog sonic powerhouse. just playing some notes on a keyboard and recalling someone else's presets.

  • Arturia - Overview
  • Looks Tiny, Sounds Massive

Modulate the sound of the MicroBrute SE by connecting modulation sources. MicroBrute SE synthesizer is a limited edition of a pure analog sonic powerhouse. Users would connect the headphone output to the external audio input, allows you to use the MicroBrute SE as a sound module with a full-sized keyboard.

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