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What differs the Core iM 2. Is its performance significantly poorer? And with how much runtime does the almost smallest Arrandale processor supply the K52JR? We'll clarify these and other questions in the following review.


Case Built sufficiently solid and with a pleasant feel The K52JR's case is just as suitable for the Asus K52JE JMicron LAN as for the movie evening. Office workers are given a pleasant surface on their work area. The wrist-rest's texture is a bit slippery but fingerprints, or even oily residue isn't left. The battery can be removed for permanent work on a desk. This creates a hole in the work environment but doesn't have a negative impact in terms of appearance.


The combination of textured surfaces and the colors, black and brown, give the Asus couldn't forgo on glossy surfaces in order to do justice to the entertainment claim. The reflective display fits perfectly in this alignment.

Asus JMicron LAN Driver for Windows Vista

If the display had been matt, no one would have believed the K52JR's entertainment claim. Okay, we would Asus K52JE JMicron LAN, but that's another topic. The case is stable and makes an impression of an average quality case due to the even gaps. We can only twist the chassis slightly with both hands at best. The wrist-rest is firm but the key field can be evidently depressed on the left. We can visibly twist the lid without much force.

Additionally, its surface can barely defend itself against dents. The hinges keep the lid securely in position and don't tend to teeter. The user only needs one hand to open the lid even though they have a very tight fit.

The reason for that is the heavy counterweight of the chassis' front. The hinges sit tight in their latch.

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The maximum opening angle is just sufficient for a use on the lap. The base plate presents simple plastic and can only be dent on the bigger fan vents easily with a finger.

Theoretically, this also applies to Asus K52JE JMicron LAN Core i3 processor because it's inserted and easily accessible after removing the heatpipe. At least, there is a HDMI port on the case's left. There are only three USB ports.

The ports on the left are too close to each other, though. Broad USB sticks or curved plugs will get in the way of each other. In our opinion, the single USB port's position right is sensible. Thus, the ports placed in the far front area left: USB is suitable Asus K52JE JMicron LAN a USB hub that can be put in the back of the notebook and connect further devices.

Problems during Installation with iBoot tonymacxcom

Too bad that the submerged hinges completely prevent placing interfaces on the rear. All ports, including the DC-in, accumulate on the visible sides. None Left: None Right: Asus hasn't omitted an Asus K52JE JMicron LAN Bluetooth module 2. Download Storage: The nVidia driver for the graphics chip in the laptop would not install alone, only in that package.

Windows 7 Ultimate - 32bit. I have a problem with regards to my nVidia driver not running on bit. The factory settings for my laptop are set to windows 32 bit, however I asked to have the 64bit.

Driver asus k42jc 32 bit

Install Asus K52JE JMicron LAN drivers for asus K42Jc. Usb Top 4 Top4Download Drivers the k42j is k series affordable laptops. Free Download Asus K52JE Notebook JMicron LAN Driver (Network Card). You can start downloading the JMicron LAN controllers Driver ver. / for Asus K52JE Laptop. To start download file, click green «download».

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