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So unless you're scrolling some purely software based thing here - it simply does not make sense to have this function.

So after convincing myself that being annoyed by this probably doesn't actually prove I have Asbergers after all I wrote Asus support a message. In another vain attempt to have someone write ASUS N750JK Touchpad sentence such as "remove unneeded and annoying power-policy commands from touch-pad driver" you feel. So yes, we need to bump the speed to ASUS N750JK Touchpad the performance here.

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As while the graphics renders it, the CPU makes it ASUS N750JK Touchpad happen, so it cannot do this on while still trying to do all else, and have a smooth performance. You can read the entire exchange below. So another day, another mystifying Asus platform decision. If the macbuk had it, I suppose I would understand where it'd come from - but they don't.

It's just a bad idea that looks bad and doesn't work - so why? And of course the hard-set and model-specific ram-timing and bios settings.

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That - as actually we can see on this forum - causes quite a lot of issues for people who buy laptop configs other than the standard one. And in certain cases, even on the standard config as well.


With instability, curious hangs, and very unpredictable errors. It stems from this. Variable bus-timing, different types of ram - it's ensured that it cannot work from the forced settings and features, via firmware flashed on the extended acpi functionality package.

Which also ensures ASUS N750JK Touchpad you can't actually circumvent these functions if you want your windows boot to actually work. And Asus won't do anything about it. Ten minutes with the bios. And removing one function from a specific trackpad component module.

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But Asus won't do it. Seriously, what the f. I'm sorry, but you are wrong. Even in windows, while using IE, there's no way to get any scrolling function in any context, full-screen or otherwise, with any program or menu, to actually max out the cpu-time. Not ASUS N750JK Touchpad an i3, or a downclocked i7. I have a tablet running the same OS as my laptop, it runs without lag at approximately Mhz. My 10 year old EeePC runs a modern linux-boot with a 3d desktop, and can scroll smoothly without "lag". Actually, my 99mhz smartphone from can ASUS N750JK Touchpad a web-page smoothly without lag at just under half the resolution of my laptop.

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And the "lag" comes from the implementation of the actual scroll function. Increased cpu speed can make a more demanding and exclusively cpu-bound scroll-implementation lag less, of course. It can also lessen the impact of interrupts from other programs. And, sure, bumping the processor was a bad, but somewhat effective way to ASUS N750JK Touchpad lag during scrolling - before the indirectly rendering window manager MS rolled out for Win7 last summer, and which is default in win8. And any time the framerate would go under the sync, the scroll would feel jittery. But using a processor state bumb as a platform policy is akin to having a nitrous boost on a city-car, isn't it.

It feels faster, I suppose. But you don't do it because it is not needed, it doesn't get you faster home, and it's inconveniencing the drivers by making the car run very uncomfortably. And I'm just asking you to test it. As for the installation procedure, first make sure that all system characteristics ASUS N750JK Touchpad supported and only then save and install the downloadable package.


Even if other OSes might be compatible as well, we do not recommend applying any software on platforms other than the specified ones. With this in mind, follow all aforementioned steps and apply the present release.


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