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One problem for simple SS is CPEV requires solid liquid column to work well. It is fun to see Asus R402A idle yes but in actual usage, gain is marginal if at all considering the cost. It's nice to be able to turn the knob for "optimal" condition.

Asus R402A Laptop Car Charger

But i just can't justify associated Asus R402A and cost for it We need more Vcore! Does anyone know the generic Vapochill LS "fluke probed" evap temps at the different loaded levels: This could help us here. Thanks, greenmaji Asus R402A are tough to look at directly, your missing abiant temperature, humidity and barometric preasure: Stock Vapo temps are probed evap temps, not LCD readings. The stock LS readings are ideal absolute best stock vapo evap temps The thing about Jins upgrade is never does he make any profound claims.

When speaking to him he told me two things: Very honest. It will decrease noise level. You would see what me and Gautam saw.

Asus R402A I am in total agreement with you bro. On Jinu's average units you guys are seeing to watt loaded temps in the 40's, not low 30's. I admit, I was a tad dissapointed that I didnt have watt degree temps.

But, the fact of the matter is these Vapo mods will only net you on average Asus R402A 5 to 15 degree temp drops. I must say, Jin has achieved those goals for me.

First lets see how my E holds up at Asus R402A 1. But not at idle. I am very impressed with temperature drops and was hoping for better load temps, but not expecting them.

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Cheers Maji. Thanks for the back and forth chat.

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Secondly, the fan was stock fan at moment of testing. It now has or cfm fan sitting in the unit. It will cool down easily another 2c especially in heavy loaded temperature with compressor running tad cooler as well as compensation of Asus R402A in evap due to better condensing. As for my unit holding c range for w You can't expect NF9FX to hold c at w really well.


In fact I've maybe made 1 unit out so far that was able to and I honestly think it was a fluke compressor like those incredible Asus R402A that overclocks far more than rest greenmaji I would have expected the lower load temperatures to be higher and the load temps to be only slightly less not C at W I know that would take cascade gas in the mix, overheating compressor and PSI conditions and you would never sell something that dangerious But as you explained you tuned the unit for W rather then your normal W tuneing, by using a more restritive cap tube. And that Dom was intrested in trying it this way.

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Asus R402A caught me up to speed right there. Just trying to clear that up, it seems like you might think that I think theres something wrong when I don't.

ASUS R402A DRIVER (2019)

And dom, I really didn't want to Asus R402A anyone irritated and expecialy not jinu: Please verify Asus R402A model number before placing your order, We strongly advise the use of Please verify your model number before completing your purchase order since there are items that are similar but will not HD webcam. Please verify your model number before placing an order.

LVDS 40 pin connectivity. Video Cable that connects the mainboard, the panel, the webcam and the microphone Not compatible with XU model. Please verify your model number before completing your purchase order since there are items that are IEEE Please verify your model number before placing an order Including 4 black rubbers and bottom speakers. Asus R402A. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual & Document · Warranty. Looking to Buy Asus RA Car Charger online - Get details of all Asus RA Car Charger and Asus RA Car Chargers price. Find Asus Asus R402A Car.

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