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UL80Vt Laptops ASUS Global

Except for the aluminum Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard on the display lid, the rest of the case is made of plastic, which doesn't have any negative effect because the case and the coating have an overall very good and high quality workmanship. Coating or manufacturing flaws are looked for in vain. The design looks much attuned because it hasn't been overloaded with superfluous eye-catchers. The UL80V only weighs 2. Thus, the notebook is in the upper center field for a One of the UL range's strengths is in this field, as it should convince with a slim construction and a low weight.

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The Asus UL80Vt's highest spot is only just 2. It can't keep up with Dell's new Adamo, but it doesn't have to anyway. The case has a good stability despite this slim design. The case only yields under excessive, selective pressure. The display lid yields slightly and is flexible despite aluminum faceplate. Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard


This is principally due to the thin construction and the applied LED backlight that only needs a low construction height. The display hinges look very sturdy Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard they've turned out quite big. The display can be aligned precisely and can be opened by degrees towards the back.


The bottom tray is kept in a matt black and has, aside from the usual stickers, two covers to access the RAM and the built-in hard disk. It's also the maximum configuration as Asus states.

A Seagate GByte hard disk is also built-in ex-factory. The hard disk can be exchange for any hard disk size with a construction height of 9.

There are two USB 2. Unfortunately, both built-in USB ports are fairly close to each other so that problems could turn up with bigger plugs. On the opposite, right side a further USB 2.

At the same time, an ExpressCard slot for extension cards hasn't been integrated. Instead, Asus has built in two Altec Lansing stereo loudspeakers under the front. You can read how they've scored a bit later in the review. The rear has also been unfettered from connections because the big 8 cell battery 84 Wh lithium-ion, Asus has done a Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard job with the port distribution, except for both USB ports that are too close to each other, and you find everything quickly. The range of interfaces can also be denoted as "good" because the most important connections have been built in.

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Only one connection is missing, which should be found on every notebook - the Kensington Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard slot with which you can protect the notebook against theft. The Asus UL80Vt only includes a loop for a thin thread next to the power socket. Software As the other UL range notebooks, our prototype is also equipped with Windows 7. Asus has realized that a 32 bit operating system isn't necessarily contemporary in notebooks with an increasing efficiency. Which is why, Asus has pre-installed Window 7 Home Premium in a 64 bit alternative. Thus, the work velocity is slightly increased and restrictions, in terms of hardware, are abolished RAM.

Scope of Delivery and Supplies The scope of delivery turns out very meager. Aside from the notebook, you only get the fitting adapter with cable, a reusable cable tie for the adapter, manuals, a warranty card, software and driver DVDs and a recovery DVD. The point of this graphics adapter is not to run the latest and greatest games on the market in all their glory; it's designed to cater to some low-detail-level gaming, as well as unburden the CPU and RAM from graphics processing tasks and therefore improve the overall performance Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard the system. Unfortunately, we had some trouble getting it to charge completely during our tests.

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It would always stop charging after reaching 82 per cent, according to Windows 7. We tried different power schemes, disabling power schemes, rebooting, draining and recharging, and reseating the battery — all to no avail.


We chalk it down to a quirk with our sample unit. Nevertheless, even with a reported 82 per cent charge, the battery life of the UL80Vt is impressive. Using the NVIDIA graphics adapter, no power management, with maximum screen Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard and with the wireless radio enabled, it looped an Xvid-encoded video for 3hr 21min. We then switched to the Power4gear Battery Saving mode and ran the same video test. In this mode the laptop uses the integrated Intel graphics, medium screen brightness and changes the colour depth from bit to bit.

The wireless radio is left enabled. It lasted Asus UL80Vt Notebook Keyboard 1min in this test, which is a phenomenal result. The only problem is that you have to put up with lot of colour banding due to the reduced colour depth. Using this mode for writing documents and other office-related work is fine. Physical features The UL80Vt is 2.

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