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So you don't know any of this stuff from a hole in the ground. Watch this video and know the basics in less than 4 minutes! If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if would like to use a portion of this video please email us: Check ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN the video to see more! Anna Check out our channel for more tech videos!

The examples used in this video are for Windows Server R2, however the principles apply to other operating systems. NIC Teaming is the process of combining multiple network cards together for performance and redundancy reasons. Microsoft refers to this as NIC teaming, however other vendors may refer to this as bonding, balancing or aggregation. The process is the same regardless which solution is used or what it is called. Software running on the computer will communicate with the virtual network adapter. This virtual network adapter ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN responsible for distributing the network data between the different network cards in ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN system.


What is NIC Teaming? Example Let's consider a server with 3 network cards in one NIC team. The operating system will have one virtual network adapter that software will communicate with. This virtual network adapter connects to the teaming solution which determines how to send and receive data using the network cards in the system. If a network card was to fail, the teaming solution would use the other 2 network cards to send and receive traffic. This is done without the administrator having to configure anything, it is all handled by the teaming solution. The only configuration that an administrator needs to perform is to add a physical network card to a teaming solution. Standby Vs Active A standby network adapter is a physical network adapter that is used only when one of the other in-use network adapters in the NIC team fails.

If you want to increase the throughput of your server, you can combine multiple network adapters together. Any network card in the NIC team that is used to transfer traffic is referred to as ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN.

ASUS X79-DELUXE Motherboard

By combining multiple network cards together this potentially can increase the amount of throughput the server has ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN the network. However, there are a number of reasons why this throughput may not be as good as what you expect. In the right example, there are two network cards of different speeds. When using NIC teaming it is best to use network cards of the same speed. If you do not have network cards of the same speed, it may be worth considering making one of them a standby network card. This essentially provides a network connection if the primary network connection were to go down. This is one of the reasons why you would use a standby network card, however there are other reasons why you may want to use a stand by network adapter. Load Balancing Mode and Teaming Mode.

In most cases, Load Balancing Mode effects outgoing traffic while the Teaming Mode effects incoming traffic. There are 3 settings for Load Balancing Mode listed below.

This mode looks at properties of the stream and uses these to determine which network adapter to send network traffic through. ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN example, if you had a network stream that used the same IP Address and port, this network stream would always use the same network card because the properties of the network stream are always the same. This mode is only used with Hyper-V virtual machines. When enabled, Windows will use the MAC address of the virtual machine to determine which network adapter to send network traffic out of. Each virtual machine running on the server will always use the same network adapter in the NIC team.

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This is a new feature in Windows Server R2. This balancing mode combines the features of the other two modes into one. One-click optimization delivers optimum performance on Intel® X79 platform ASUS XDELUXE elevates CPU overclocking stability to a whole new level: a new Intel®. USB Boost; Network iControl; PCIe /USB ASUS X79-DELUXE Intel LAN 6Gb/s. ASUS P9X79 DELUXE supports Quad CH. 8-DIMM design LAN. Realtek® E, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s) Intel® V, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s).

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