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The scroll Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid at the right edge is clearly palpable and visible. A key below the touch-sensitive field can be pressed on the right or left and prompts the corresponding mouse click. The keys convey a firm impression when clicked, which is particularly due to the crisp pressure point. The drop of the touchpad's keys is also well-chosen, so neither too short nor too long and also makes a high-quality impression on us. The surface provides the fingers with good gliding traits and multi-touch gestures are supported. The desktop can be zoomed in and out like on the touchscreen of a smartphone, which is very useful in Windows 8.


The touchpad key is convenient to use. Left and right clicks are well-separated on the continuous bar. For us, one of the most exciting chapters is performance. Smooth workflow, watching movies and the occasional game should at least be possible in low details. It is based on Intel's latest Ivy Bridge architecture.

Consequently, its default clock of 2. This maximum clock was available on battery power or during longer load in our test device and the performance remained constant. Our test device scored as expected when the synthetic Cinebench loads all processor cores. All contenders are quite close in single-core processor load.

System Performance Our test device also stands out from the competition in PCMark, which rates the system's overall performance. A large part of this is certainly due to the superior processor. The devices otherwise only differ marginally in performance relevant components.

ASUS V Drivers Power4Gear_Hybrid_WIN7_64_Zzip - ASUS Downloads - DriversGuru

Acer's Aspire EG is perfectly equipped for routine use of an entry-level multimedia laptop. Routine work should also run smoothly.

The system can be upgraded to 8 GB of working memory if pictures or videos are to be edited. It has a capacity of GB and spins at a slow revolutions per minute.


The hard drive's capacity is adequate for the price range. The access and transfer rates are on an average level. We did not record outliers in Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid direction. Users who want faster data access can replace the hard drive with an ultra-swift SSD after removing a few screws. Consequently, it should be able to render up-to-date games in low details. It might also be necessary to reduce the resolution. The graphics card features a MB dedicated memory and uses Nvidia's Optimus to save power. The Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid, processor-integrated Intel HD Graphics takes care of low load and the GeForce automatically jumps in during demanding tasks unnoticed by the user.

The graphics card's power was not throttled even after longer load or on battery power.

It maintained its full clock rate of MHz. Our test device was approximately on a par with the contenders, which exclusively use AMD graphics cards, in 3DMark Just how suitable is the Intel Core i3 processor and the lower midrange graphics card combination for gaming? Our test shows that the stronger processor gives our test system a small advantage in some games. It can render many up-to-date games in medium Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid settings as long as the games are not exceptionally demanding. Stuttering may occur when the screen gets too crowded in Anno and Diablo 3 still runs smoothly even in high settings.

However, the performance gets tight when too many monsters occupy the screen here as well. Thus, it is recommendable to select a lower detail level to really experience a stutter-free game. These games can usually be played in the native resolution because the screen's resolution is fairly low.

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Overall, Acer's Aspire EG is on the same performance level as Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid other entry-level laptops. The better processor can only squeeze out minor performance advantages in games. Users who want to play in higher resolutions and with more details will have to invest a few hundred Euros more and opt for a laptop featuring a Radeon HD M, GeForce GT M or higher. Acer's Aspire EG has to be stressed to quite an extent before it becomes audible.

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The fan Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Power4Gear Hybrid whirs silently with a maximum of Our test device's noise increased up to an audible It is also pleasant that the DVD drive does not get too loud with Generally, the noise from the Acer Aspire EG is quite within the common range for this category and will likely only disturb very noise sensitive people when loaded. Temperature The temperatures also remain on a good level.

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