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If you absolutely love the idea of 3D gaming, this proof-of-concept system will work well as a pricey showpiece Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Total score: Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Features In terms of hardware, the biggest asset of this laptop is the processor, while others include RAM, the two hard drives and the Asus G51J Notebook Camera graphics. So there is not only enough number-crunching power but also ample room for storing games, music, movies and such.

Coming to the highlighting feature; the laptop bundles with it the Nvidia 3D Vision glasses and a classy Razor Abyssus optical gaming mouse. Want something more to drool over? This machine has a Blu-ray drive and multi-channel sound, so even watching movies is truly a treat. Then, there are 4 USB ports, a 2.

It feels like a good sturdy weight at least. One inspired design feature of the G51J is having the motherboard mounted to Asus G51J Notebook Camera bottom of the keyboard-tray, rather than the bottom of the case itself, meaning the bottom of the laptop doesn't get hot during usage.


Asus G51J Notebook Camera Backlit keys also provide ease-of-use during low light situations, and there's even a fully featured numpad if you need to pretend to be studying or working. While 35 fps is almost the same score as the G51Vx's 37 fps, that notebook had a top resolution of just x When it came to other games, the G51J-A1 was excellent, too. In Call of Duty: World at War, we averaged 37 fps with the resolution set to x ; when running through Pacific island jungles, action was smooth and crisp.

We also had equal success running Left 4 Dead 2, where we had an average frame rate of 51 fps in full HD. Needless to say, the G51J-A1 handled less graphic-intensive games with ease: When playing World of Warcraft at full resolution, and with all the effects kicked to maximum, we saw Asus G51J Notebook Camera frame rate of 59 fps.


Its measly battery life of 1 hour and 15 minutes was 1: For a system with At 15 feet from our access point, we saw throughput of Nvidia lists them all heredividing them up according to how well they mesh with 3D. Playing games in 3D is extremely fun, and Nvidia's vast experience with gaming comes to the forefront here; whenever we launched a game, green text appeared in the lower right-hand corner of the Asus G51J Notebook Camera, telling us what effects to turn on or off for an optimal experience. For example, in Call of Duty: World at War, we were told to use Nvidia's laser sight instead of the in-game sight.

This eliminated the problem we encountered when gaming on the Acer DG, when the targeting reticle would not align with the target. In Left 4 Dead, we noticed a bit of distortion when looking at the ghost images of our teammates through walls, and lighting effects, such as the reflection of a flashlight over multifaceted surfaces, was a bit off.

Download Asus G51J Notebook Suyin Camera Driver for Win bit for Windows 7 64 bit

However, Asus G51J Notebook Camera small scroll wheel on the back of the transceiver lets you adjust the depth of your 3D experience; we found it worked best at a more modest setting. Of the games that Nvidia says are compatible with its 3D Vision technology, only 3 are deemed "Nvidia 3D Vision Ready," that is, able to take full advantage of the 3D screen.

One of those games, Batman: Arkham Asylum, shows the true potential of this system: Batman's cape really seemed to flow off the screen, and steam rising from vents took on a true ethereal quality. Moreover, characters better inhabited their space on screen, giving it a true three-dimensional quality.

ASUS G51J 3D Review

Gaming Performance Unfortunately, adding 3D effects seems to impact the performance of games. Call of Duty: This is especially annoying since almost all of these require either two hands or some creative finger-stretching. I would much rather have had these functions moved to Fn combos and moved the media controls to the touch controls. I often find myself readjusting the screen or my head position to get the best view. Jan 14, Asus G51J Notebook Camera Free Download Asus G51J Notebook Suyin Camera Driver for Win7x64 (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder).

Free Download Asus G51J Notebook Suyin Camera Driver for Win7 x64 (Digital Camera Asus G51J Notebook Camera Webcam / Camcorder).

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