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Down lower we have a 24 pin power connection and then just below it an internal USB 3.

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The bottom right corner has a long yellow header that covers all of our front panel connections. There are labels along the bottom to make hooking everything up easier. Next to the ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN panel header is another four pin PWM fan connection, this is number five and they seem to just keep coming as we go around the board. Next we have four USB ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN.

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Asus has even made it a two set switch to give you even more control. Setting one only adjust CPU ratio and setting two adjust ratio and core clock speeds.

ASUS Z87-PLUS - motherboard - ATX - LGA1150 Socket - Z87 Series

The EPU is similar in a way but actually will adjust the voltage used down to save energy whenever possible. Down in the bottom left corner we can see part of the Realtek 8-ch HD onboard audio.


The next header is the thunderbolt header, this is in case you need a Thunderbolt connection later on and you add something like the ThunderboltEX, not only does it plug into the PCIe slot but it also needs to plug into this plug to work properly. Next we have the backlit power button and diagnostic LED; I think both of those speak for themselves. You can also actually hook up your cases reset button directly to DirecktKey and have the ability to run it with your PC built, or you can also select the option in the UEFI. When you are only using the top slot it runs at a full x16 speed, when you are using the top two, they both run at x8 each, and the last slot is always a x4 slot with a x16 form factor.

The PCIe x1 slots do a good job of creating space around the top ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN x16 slot so you will be able to run up to a three slot wide video card if you would like without it overhanging the second PCIe x16 slot. Also in this photo is the final four pin PWM fan header making for a total of six from around the whole board. On top of that you also have a legacy PS2 connection for mouse or keyboard use, a lot of keyboard enthusiasts will be happy to see this one. Lastly there are all of the standard audio hookups.

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Asus even went as far as to black out the bottom of the LGA socket back plate to match everything in an area of the board that people will only see once or twice. We spoke before about the level of cooling the Z87 Pro has but when you put it up next to the Z87 Plus it is even more ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN. Asus went noticeably smaller when it comes to the cooling around the LGA socket.

Considering the CPU does its own voltage regulation this amount of cooling should still be more than enough. The Chipset cooler is exactly the same as on the Z87 Pro though and it is very similar to what Asus used on the Z77 boards as well so we know it will get the job done. For voltage regulation though, Asus did include 5K capacitors and fully molded alloy chokes as I mentioned on the Z87 Pro as well. ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN


This means that although the Plus may look a little lighter in features due to its smaller cooling, it does still have the goods under the cooling. In fact if you look into the 5K caps you will find that they are better than the military grade caps ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN are advertised by their competition.

Because of the small heatsink size there is plenty of room to get at ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN connection to hook it up or unhook it. One is black and the other is yellow, the color coding helps make it easy to see that the yellow header is your main CPU fan header and the black one is an optional CPU fan header.


In the top right corner we have the MemOK button, a button that helps you deal with memory incompatibilities by adjusting the RAM settings until they work. This is important because if there is an issue during boot you can see the area that is causing your problem. Next was the DirectKey, a feature we talked about on the Pro board as well. When you press this button it will let your motherboard know to boot directly into the ASUS Z87-PLUS Intel LAN the next time you reboot.

Free Download ASUS ZPLUS Intel LAN Driver for Windows 10 (Network Card). Free Download ASUS ZPLUS Intel LAN Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 Support for the Intel Ethernet Connection ILM.

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