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The codec on this card is an Analog Devices ADB and as the bottom image shows, there are really no other components on the card. Some electrolytic capacitors and a DC regulator, which all codecs need anyway, regardless of how they're mounted.

What, dear reader, is the ADB" - Yes, it's an Analog Devices ADB. No more, no less.

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It does Asus Crystal AC97 Codec to be slightly customised, in so much as it is functionally identical but contains logic to detect the motherboard and refuse to work on any other motherboard! The silly thing is that the ADB is a very common motherboard audio codec.

A whole heap of software is installed to make it "look better" in the operating system, adding EAX through to 4. The card will not work with any other motherboard, even though it has no reason not to, it won't even initialise itself - It'll just plain not show up anywhere. In essence, this is a bog standard onboard audio codec with some Creative crapware to slow down the system and a dose Asus Crystal AC97 Codec marketing. As in "try not to step in the marketing".

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For what it is and how Asus Crystal AC97 Codec mounted, it essentially removes one of the two PCI-Express x1 slots from the motherboard for no reason at all. This, then, is actually a functional negative for the motherboard and it cost more than doing it right!

Asus made motherboards, and the occasional video card. What was this sound card doing?! We need to wind back to to find out what was going on.


Asus already had some Xonar cards on the market and they were highly regarded for their transparency, as well as being a "known good" where onboard audio solutions were very hit and miss. Good onboard audio was as good as anything else or better! Having a Xonar meant you could shop for motherboards based on other, more important, criteria. Inthe market was open to disruption. Creative had severely pissed off PC audio enthuasists by going after Asus Crystal AC97 Codec enthusiast who fixed Creative's severely broken Windows Vista and, later, 7 Asus Crystal AC97 Codec, by reinstating features Creative couldn't be bothered to do. A week later, Creative was forced into a humiliating retraction after a storm of outrage.

PC Audio Codecs > AC'97 Audio Codecs Software - REALTEK

After stating that they "forbid all so-called driver development by third parties", Creative "clarified" that it "did not make it as clear as we would have liked that we do support driver development by independent third parties". Yes, Asus Crystal AC97 Codec. Forbidding something is not very clear that you support it. The damage had been done, and Asus' savvy marketing department saw a hole in the market and aimed a big cannon straight at Creative. Before that announcement, gamers used Creative cards for games, but often Xonars for Asus Crystal AC97 Codec. After it, well, what does anyone need Creative for? The Xonar DX in was no technological marvel, but it didn't need to be.


It buried Creative and pissed on the grave, and there was much rejoicing. This gives us our answer to "What was this sound card doing?! Audio was now a solved problem.

Take it away, Bryan McIntosh: I bought it to replace my X-Fi back inafter the Tech Report published their review and showed that it provided incredibly high Asus Crystal AC97 Codec sound for not a lot of money Tech Report. This card's drivers worked well and continue to do so even under Windows 10and it's nice to have a separate sound device for recording and playback. I haven't tried its optical output or its Dolby Digital real-time encoding at all, since I've not had a surround sound system since buying the thing back in The PC audio market was stable and Creative nowhere to be seen. Very importantly for some, The DSX's headphone op-amp was replaceable.

If you didn't like it, you could pull it from the DIP socket and insert your own! Fitted as standard was the Texas Instruments NE With audio quality at the higher end being solved, it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone when Tech Report's objective RightMark Audio Analyzer quality tests showed Realtek's high end ALC beating Asus' entire lineup embarrassingly often! Interfacing between the analog audio and digital worlds is the job of the codec, a portmaneau of "encoder" and "decoder", as it does both things. Sometimes the same circuitry was used for both, so a device couldn't record ADC and playback DAC at the same time, these were termed "half-duplex".

Very early sound cards were half-duplex, but the earliest on this page, the ALS, was full-duplex and fully integrated.

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Download the latest ASUS Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec device drivers (Official and Certified). ASUS Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec drivers updated.

Download the latest ASUS Sound Card device drivers (Official and Certified). ASUS Cm · Crystal AC'97 WDM Audio Codec · Crystal WDM Audio Codec.


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