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Call the mess age retr ieval te lephone numbe r. Mes sages may be voice, fax, or text. T ext message s are usua lly writ ten message s collec ted at th e front. Avaya GuestWorks

Each message is pre faced with. Fax messages a re always.

Refer to. After each message is p layed, you ma y do any of t he following:.

If no key s are pre ssed, the c urrent mes sage is saved i f the sys tem is. T o keep. If the s ystem is not a dminister ed to save ol d messages, on ce you list en to Avaya GuestWorks. After the la st mess age, yo u wil l hear a c losin g mess age. Retrieving Messages from Locatio ns Other. Call the ope ratorgive your name, and t ell the oper ator tha t you wan t to.

Th e operator will do on e of two ope rations:. Cont inue with Step 2. The opera tor call s the vo ice messa ging. Conti nue with. Enter your r oom number fol lowed Avaya GuestWorks your password.


T o prote ct against abuse of voi ce mailbox es, passwo rds shoul d be assig ned. If the voi ce-mess Avaya GuestWorks mailbo x you are accessin g does not hav e a.

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  • Avaya GuestWorks, Definity Enterprise Communications Server User Manual
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Press the 1 b utton to l isten t o your voic e messages. Mes sages are playe d. Retrieving Fax Messages. After all of the voi ce messages have played, pres s the 6 but ton when. After pres sing the 6 b utton, you may do any of t he following: T o do this, you mus t be call ing from a fax m achi ne or fro m a. All fax messa ges in your mailbox are p Avaya GuestWorks as a grou p. Depending on t he option s electedyou will he ar a closing message, or the. Recording a Personal Greeti ng. Release 1. When prompte d, press th e 5 button t o hear th e personal greetin g and.

The fol lowing per sonal gre eting option s are. Press the 1 b utton to r ecord a pe rsonal gr eeting.

Upgrading my Avaya Guestworks/Definity - Avaya: CM/Aura (Definity) - Tek-Tips

Y ou are then prompt ed to. When Avaya GuestWorks ecording y our personal greeting, i f is recom mended that you do not. When recordin g is complet e dyou may do Avaya GuestWorks o f the following:. Once you are s atisfied wi th your per sonal gre eting, press the 4 butt on to. Y ou will rece ive a conf irmation message and. If you alr eady have a personal g reeting, press t he 2 butto n to list en to your.

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If you alr eady Avaya GuestWorks a personal g reeting, press the 3 butto n to erase your. Changing Y our Password.


At check- in, you were Avaya GuestWorks a 4-di git passwor d to use whe n retrie ving your. Passwords ca nnot be the same as your room. For secu rityit is. T o change you r password, do the fol lowing:. From your room, c all the messa ge retrieva l telepho ne number. Press the 4 b utton to c Avaya GuestWorks your p assword.

Enter a val id 4-digi t password. Enter your n ew password a second ti me. Press the 5 Avaya GuestWorks utton to g o Avaya GuestWorks to you r messages, or hang up i f finished.

Avaya GuestWorks, Definity Enterprise Communications Server Operations

The GuestWorks® server offers the lodging operator the most advanced hospitality communications package currently available. The package was designed to. DEFINITY and GuestWorks are registered trademarks of Avaya and Lucent . A GuestWorks feature, called Dial by Avaya GuestWorks, allows guests to call other guests in.

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