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We have plotted the luminance trend on the graph above. The screen behaves as it should, with a reduction in the backlight intensity controlled by the reduction in the OSD brightness setting in a linear relationship. Static contrast ratio remained very high and stable across the range, with an average figure of We have provided a graph showing the stability of that contrast ratio BenQ GL2750H (Analog) the range of brightness adjustments. The small deviations may possibly be down to rounding errors though given how high the CR is, but we've included it for reference anyway. Dynamic BenQ GL2750H (Analog).

GLH Gaming Monitor with Eye-care Technology BenQ

Dynamic contrast ratio involves controlling the backlight of the screen automatically, depending on the content shown on the screen. In bright images, the backlight is increased, and in darker images, it is decreased.

We have come to learn that DCR figures are greatly exaggerated and what is useable in reality is often very different to what is written on paper or on a manufacturers website. For this test I would use the colorimeter to record the luminance and black depths at the two extremes. Max brightness would be recorded on an almost all white screen. Black depth would be recorded on an almost all black screen. In real use you are very unlikely to ever see a full black or full white screen, and even our tests are an extreme case to be honest.

Carrying out the tests in this way does give you a good indication of BenQ GL2750H (Analog) screens dynamic contrast ratio in real life situations however.

You can then turn this feature from a setting of 0 off up to 5, which determines the strength of the feature. We tested the screen in the movie preset at the maximum setting of 5.

BenQ GWHM Review - TFTCentral

When enabled, you cannot manually change the brightness or contrast controls any more. There was a fairly gradual and subtle change in the backlight intensity which took around 10 seconds in total to change from one extreme to the other, when switching between the white and black backgrounds. Transitions were pretty smooth as well which was good. At the brightest setting the screen reached close to it's maximum backlight intensity with a luminance of This was then adjusted by the DCR down to a very low setting where the black depth actually went BenQ GL2750H (Analog) the lower limit of 0.

This was the lower limit of the X-rite i1 Display 2 colorimeter so we were unable to accurately measure the minimum black point. This means that the DCR reached over 15, We did test the screen with a completely all black image and confirmed the backlight was not being turned off completely. The black point was trending towards 0.

BenQ GL2750H (Analog) would like to start seeing realistic DCR figures being quoted from manufacturer, not made up numbers which don't translate into real performance. I'd rather see a screen like this with a useable DCR of 15, Viewing Angles. Click for larger image. From a wider angle still the image had a more pronounced yellow tinge to it and you can pick this out from the images above. The image also became quite dark. Vertically they were a bit more restrictive still with a fairly noticeable contrast shift detectable with even a slight movement up or down, and a pale tinge to the image being more obvious, especially from above.

From below the image became more yellow and darkened. However, the viewing angles were certainly better than TN Film matrices in these regards, and free of the obvious vertical darkening you see from TN Film technology.


This area remains perhaps the main weakness of modern VA panels, and the contrast and gamma shifts can be quite noticeable and frustrating for some users. There was also a pretty obvious off-centre contrast shift which is inherent to VA panel types. Using a test image which shows a dark grey font on a black background you can easily test this 'feature'. From head on, the text was invisible and largely lost within the black background. This is down to the pixel alignment in a VA matrix. This is an extreme case of course as this is a very dark grey tone we are testing with. Lighter BenQ GL2750H (Analog) and other colours will appear a little darker from head on than they will from a side angle, but you may well find you lose some detail BenQ GL2750H (Analog) a result.

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This can be particularly problematic in dark images and where grey tone is important. It is this issue that has led to many graphics professionals and colour enthusiasts choosing IPS panels instead, and the manufacturers have been quick to incorporate this alternative panel technology in their screens. Download the latest drivers for your BenQ GLH (Analog) to keep your BenQ GL2750H (Analog) up-to-date.

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