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Auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten light, fluorescent light, flash, manual, custom and personal. In a commercial studio environment, the EOS-1Ds Mark II camera will actually shoot faster than the time it takes for most studio strobes to recycle.

Download Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Camera IEEE WIA Driver for Windows Vista

While the new 1Ds Mark II camera occupies the prestigious flagship position of Canon's professional digital Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA, it incorporates or surpasses many of the new technological advances introduced earlier this year on the 8. The camera's shutter lag time is just 55ms and focus is achieved in a virtual instant thanks to a point AF system.

Adding to the camera's versatility and ability to reflect the individuality of the photographer using it, the EOS-1Ds Mark II camera features 20 built-in Custom Functions with 65 settings and 27 personal function settings that can be uploaded to the camera with the use of dedicated software. Recognizing that such customization can be time consuming, all of the camera's settings can now be saved to a memory card and shared with multiple cameras. Should the camera need servicing, the settings can be stored and reloaded after the work is done. Unlike the original 1Ds camera that featured only two image quality settings, the new EOS-1Ds Mark II Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA places greater control and discretion in the photographer's hands and offers a choice of five image quality settings: Though it remains compatible with all EX-series Speedlites as well as the E-TTL wireless autoflash system, the smarter E- TTL II flashmetering algorithm evaluates the subject as a "plane" rather than a simply Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA point and ensures that images containing various colors and levels of reflection are captured accurately and optimally.

The system compares the ambient light with pre-flash data reflected off the subject and recorded by the central 17 metering zones.


It then selects the areas with a small difference to be weighted for flash exposure calculation. The system eliminates or under-weights areas with large differences, recognizing them as an extremely reflective object in the background or a highly reflective subject, then smartly ensuring it by considering the distance information Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA provided from compatible EF lenses. The system similarly prevents over-exposure when photographers lock focus and recompose the shot by considering the flash output level calculated according to the distance.

The camera also allows users to select an averaged metering pattern by using its custom function settings. Image playback can be automatic after Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA image has been captured and is also reviewable by simply pressing the "display" button on the rear of the body. The monitor is equipped with a magnification feature that provides a 1.


The system similarly prevents over-exposure when photographers lock focus and recompose the shot by considering the flash output level calculated according to the Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA distance. The camera also allows users to select an average metering pattern by using its customs function settings. The camera also features improved auto white balance control, now done entirely off the image sensor; a new user-set white balance compensation which permits varying the color temperature in amber-blue or magenta-green, or combinations of the two; and new user-set custom Color Matrix and Processing Parameter settings which allow users to select their choice of color space, contrast, saturation and tone.

1Ds IEEE 1394 fire-wire driver, impossible to find.

A white balance bracketing option adds shifting in magenta-green or amber-blue. Further, Canon developed entirely new circuitry, calculations and algorithms for the point autofocus system.


Twin bit processors that control the focus function and lens drive independently accomplish the extraordinary speed of the camera's new autofocus system. The EOS-1D Mark II camera's far-reaching flexibility, durability, and reliability make it the digital SLR of choice for action photographers in virtually every environment around the world. Image playback can be automatic after an image has been captured and is also reviewable simply by pressing the "display" button on the rear of the body. The Mark II Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA also offers a "single image with information and histogram" that displays separate graphs for each R-G-B color channel in addition to charting Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA image's overall brightness.

Other playback options include single image; a four- or nine-index image and a new zoom display that magnifies the image up to Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA times in 15 increments. The EOS-1D Mark II camera offers users a choice of zone evaluative metering linked to an active AF point, Center-weighted average metering, partial metering covering approximately As with the EOS-1D and 1Ds models, the new Mark II features 21 built-in custom functions with an option for up to 27 personal functions which must be chosen and set up using Canon software and uploaded into the camera. New on the Mark II model however is the ability to save custom and personal function menu settings either Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA a CF card or an SD card, permitting their installation into another camera or to be called up again in the same camera.

Rivaling and even surpassing features of expensive, stand-alone and plug-in RAW image processing programs, DPP streamlines professional photographers' workflow, providing time and labor saving options such as instantaneous RAW image adjustment display and support for. Among the numerous features DPP Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA is the capability to save multiple adjustments to an image as a "recipe" that can be reloaded and used again or applied to other images. In comparison mode, original and edited images can be compared side by side Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA within a single split image. Among the array of processing options provided by DPP are color channels, tone curves, exposure compensation, white balance, dynamic range, brightness, contrast, color saturation, ICC Profile embedding and assignment of monitor profiles.

Another new feature sure to be embraced by DPP users is the program's ability to allow continuous editing while batches of previously adjusted RAW files are Canon EOS-1Ds Camera WIA and saved in the background. Once images have been adjusted in DPP, a transfer function allows immediate editing in Photoshop or any other imaging program. Monday-Friday: am to am ET, Saturday: am to pm ET, excluding holidays. All times ET, excluding holidays. EMAIL SUPPORT. Want to. line of digital single lens reflex cameras and the absolute rugged chassis and shutter with the EOS-1D Mark II, the professional standard for. and WIA drivers.

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