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To fully solubilize curcumin and to prevent precipitation of curcumin that A-Link CM52D when low concentrations of co—solvent are present, a The results showed A-Link CM52D degradation of curcumin both as pure compound and present in the curcuminoid mixture followed first order kinetic reaction. It was further shown that an increasing pH, temperature, and dielectric constant of the medium resulted in an increase in the degradation rate. Dioxygenated bicyclopentadione was identified as the final degradation product. Therefore, loading of curcumin into polymeric micelles is a promising approach to stabilize this compound and develop formulations suitable for further pharmaceutical and clinical studies.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Curcumin possesses many pharmacological activities including antioxidant, anti—infection, anti—inflammation, anti—Alzheimer and anticancer 3 — 5. The authors hypothesized that below the LCST hydrogen bonds exist between the phenolic hydroxyl groups of curcumin and the amide groups of the pNIPAAm blocks that retain curcumin in the polymer matrix.

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  • A Kinetic Degradation Study of Curcumin in Its Free Form and Loaded in Polymeric Micelles
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  • A Kinetic Degradation Study of Curcumin in Its Free Form and Loaded in Polymeric Micelles

Above this temperature the interpolymer interactions dominate and as a consequence curcumin-polymer interactions are weakened, which in turn results in release of the active [81]. In a recent study A-Link CM52D Anitha et al. The release was faster at pH 5 than at pH 7 due to the protonation of the amine A-Link CM52D of chitosan at low pH resulting in swelling of the polymer matrix [84].

Polymeric micelles Polymeric micelles are composed of amphiphilic block copolymers that spontaneously form micelles A-Link CM52D a size ranging between 20 A-Link CM52D nm in aqueous solution above the critical micellar concentration CMC. The hydrophobic core can accommodate hydrophobic drugs and therefore polymeric micelles have been extensively used for solubilization and targeted delivery of drugs [85e92]. Song et al.


Curcumin loaded triblock copolymer micelles were prepared by a dialysis method and it was shown that the CMC at room temperature was 2. No release data were reported, but these nanoparticles were evaluated in A-Link CM52D discussed in Section 4. Zhao et al. Samanta et al. Gong et al.

Micelles with a mean diameter of 27 nm were obtained that were well dispersible in water after freeze- drying. The release study was done by dialysis method using phosphate buffered saline PBS and 0. Ma et al. Conjugates Conjugation of curcumin to small molecules particularly amino acids and as well as to both natural and synthetic hydrophilic polymers has been exploited to increase its aqueous solubility. Several amino acids among which proline, glycine, leucine, isoleucine, alanine, phenylalanine, phenyl glycine, valine, A-Link CM52D and cysteine were coupled to A-Link CM52D [99]. These conjugates were synthesized in dry dioxane using e. Manju et al. Tang et al.


A-Link CM52D the other hand, Fig. The authors argued that Curc-OEG will be stable in the blood circulation and release curcumin once in the cell catalyzed by a combination of GSH and esterase []. It was found that the release of curcumin was due to a combination of diffusion of physically loaded curcumin and hydrolysis of the ester bond that connects curcumin and the polymer Fig. Synthesis of curcumin amino acid conjugates A.

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Reprinted from Food Chemistry, Vol. Parvathy, P. Negi, P. Srinivas, Curcumineamino acid conjugates: Synthesis, antioxidant and antimutagenic attributes, pp.

Index of /files/public-docs/A-Link/CM52D

Reproduced from Nanomedicine, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp. The authors argued that the release was controlled by hydrolysis of the ester bond connecting the active and the polymer but that A-Link CM52D degradation of released curcumin occurred resulting in a steady state concentration of the compound. However, no convincing data were A-Link CM52D to substantiate this explanation []. Wichitnithad et al.

The authors reported a log-linear release A-Link CM52D curcumin in time for all conjugates tested. Further, it was shown that as compared to the half-life of free curcumin 0. [DIR], Parent Directory. [ ], 2H22T cm52d & cm52eMar55K.

[ ],A-Link CM52D20K. Index of /files/public-docs/A-Link/CM52D-E [DIR], Parent Directory. [ ], 3f24T cm52d-eMar55K.

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