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Compaq Presario v Right side view view larger image The design of the V has a few minor flaws. First, the power cord connects to the back of computer. This can be cumbersome when you need to go to AC power.

HP Compaq presario,presario 710 Manuals

Second, there is a little slack in the door for the CD drive on the right side panel. I notice it when I pick up the computer from the sides.


In order to protect the CD drive door when I travel with the computer, I bought a new bag that came with a protective laptop sleeve. The only other significant design issue is the thickness of the unit. It is slightly thicker than I initially expected.


Using the protective sleeve adds even greater thickness to the unit. This takes up precious Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook in my school bag. Screen Compaq Presario v screen view larger image The screen size is where the V earns my respect. The inch widescreen design gives a screen height comparable to a standard 12 inch or 14 inch screen, but the width of a 15 inch display. This keeps the dimensions of the computer small and portable while providing a display that is very functional and easy to use. The widescreen design allows me to see the entire width of a document, even when working in landscape mode.

It Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook allows me to easily view two documents side-by-side. I have also discovered that I can play a DVD movie in a small window in the corner of the screen and still have enough usable screen area to work on other applications.

The Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook only has two custom options for the display: The BrightView screen is a more reflective surface that provides more vivid color and higher contrast. Although I read many glowing reviews of the BrightView screen, I decided against it. I was concerned that the increased reflectivity of the brighter display would cause problems with glare and increased visibility of dust and fingerprints. Also, the BrightView screen seemed to be an additional cost that I did not think was absolutely necessary for my needs. I do not regret choosing the standard display, as the image quality is sufficient for most of my needs.

The DVD video quality is a little washed out and grainy, especially when viewing in full screen mode. The audio quality is great for watching movies, listening to CDs, or streaming audio. I am very pleased with the quality of the sound at all volume ranges. I hooked the computer up Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook a set of external speakers, and it sounded even better.

Compaq Presario V Review (pics, specs)

Like most notebook computers, the audio quality of the V cannot compete with your home entertainment center. But for a Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook, the audio is pretty impressive. Processor and Performance At first I considered ordering my V with a Celeron processor to save even more money. But after doing a little research, I decided that this was one area where I did not want to downgrade too much. I decided to go with the least expensive Centrino option, which at the time was the Pentium M, 1. I also selected the least expensive hard drive option 40 GB, rpm and the minimum amount of memory MB. At first I noticed that the performance of the computer was not as snappy as I would have liked. Some programs and windows seemed to take a long time to open and close. I tinkered with the visual effects and startup options to minimize the number of processes that were running in the background.

This seemed to help somewhat, but it became obvious that I had underestimated the amount of memory that I would need. Luckily, the V has two memory card slots, and I was only using one slot with the MB that I ordered in the initial configuration. I installed an additional MB card into the second slot. Programs seem to open and close a lot faster and I no longer feel that the computer is running a few seconds behind me. Furthermore, I was able to get a MB of memory for less than it would have cost me to order the initial configuration with MB. I do not regret my choices on the processor or the hard drive size.

After the memory upgrade, the performance is snappy enough for my demands, and I still Compaq Presario 710CA Notebook 30GB of free space available on the hard drive. The computer gets a little warm during routine use, but not beyond what I would expect for a notebook computer. The cooling fans kick on occasionally when running high-demand applications or multiple processes. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx - 15" - Pentium M - MB RAM - 40 GB HDD overview and full product specs on CNET. Here are manuals for HP Compaq Presario CA.

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