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Board Layout As I pulled the MSI K9N2 out of the box for the first time I scratched my head and I began to wonder where a commandment is written that states that MSI K9N2 Diamond and all AMD processor compatible motherboards must have a bad MSI K9N2 Diamond. The front panel header is horribly placed as once used, the onboard power, reset and clear CMOS buttons would be even harder to reach. The other IDE channel is behind the pin ATX power connector instead of being placed in front of it like it should be. On a purely cosmetic level the board almost looks good. Again the CPU area is relatively clear which is a good thing though the proximity of the memory slots to the processor area and the bulbous and gangly Circu-Pipe cooling system could interfere with the installation of some cooling solutions.

The north bridge is adequately cooled by the Circu-Pipe system though the cooling hardware takes up a ton of space and is awkward looking. Directly in front of the north bridge is the SATA ports which are well placed and out of the way of the video cards which is always a welcome sight. Unfortunately unlike other 3-Way SLI capable motherboards this board is only capable of running in a 16x16x0 configuration or a 16x8x8 configuration. Therefore it is impossible MSI K9N2 Diamond get a full 16 lanes worth of bandwidth in all three slots. You can see that the required pin holes are missing from the DVI port on the backplane. Those four pins carry the VGA signal through the digital connections for analog displays. This isn't a huge deal but it is something for anyone planning on building an HTPC to be aware of.

This feature essentially allows the system clock speeds to be altered to fit various preset values. I think it may outlast me. Oh well too bad so sad I will really miss paying taxes. I thought about using another newer style board but I know how this one acts,works and MSI K9N2 Diamond and yes newer boards may have more Ram or Faster Processors maybe but at almost half the cost and track record for me it just was not worth it. The motherboard is one of the best to purchase without expending a lot of money.

K9N2 Diamond - [Solved] - Motherboards - Tom's Hardware

It has triple SLI, a maximum of 8 gigabits of ram and other other great features. Flankercom May 7,2: I pulled one out and the board seemed to work fine.

I installed water cooling on the cpu 2 days ago and decided to do the memory diagnostic with each stick installed individually. I was looking at the MSI K9N2 Diamond on this ram and I find them below par but no where near as bad as the skill brand that matched crucial's specs for this ram. I just a minute ago checked MSI's site and looked at the manual hoping it was updated with something you've mentioned but it still says 1. OCers do it all the time. And you have a good board.

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However, the Phenom has a 1 dimm per channel limit anyways. You cant run 4 chips. At least not at So your saying I can't run 8gigs of ram in my rig at MSI K9N2 Diamond I don't think the guy at AMD told me that when i was talking to him, he wasn't sales either just a techy and seemed very knowledgeable. I don't even remember that even coming up in conversation. The only thing i was aware of is that without DDR3 ram I would not get the use of the L3 cache that my cpu supports.

Ram choice has no impact on L3 cache. Update VBIOS.


- Update NVMM module. - Update SB module.

NFORCE 780a SLI Motherboards Compared

- Fixed system cannot power on by LAN device. - Fixed system cannot resume from S4 by PS/2. K9N2 Diamond.


Product Specifications; Detail; Datasheet. Socket; CPU (Max Support); Baseclock/Hyper Transport; Chipset; DDR2 Memory; Memory Channel.

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