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The focusing of the Ricoh CX5 was fast, as promised, and we had no problems with it hitting our intended marks. Its powerful autofocus beam also made night time focusing very accurate. Unlike what we experienced with the CX4, focus tracking on the CX5 was a little too sensitive. The focus point often jumped from one object to a similar-looking object Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera a scene. Furthermore, it didn't work well with dark coloured objects in our tests; it favoured brightly coloured objects for tracking.

Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera Review

These are Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera to play with and they produce good results. You can also make use of the camera's scene modes, which now include the new modes: Cooking, Fireworks and Golf. The Golf scene mode allows you to display a vertical line on the screen, along with another adjustable diagonal line. The theory is that you can take a photo of your golf swing it takes three photos in sequence to see if your swing ends up resting on the very grid line you've set.

Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera One of the main complaints with the series is the position of the flash which can often be covered by your fingers if you are not consciously aware of the flash position, and with this update the flash position has moved further away from the lens. The battery and memory card cover is quite flimsy and the tripod socket is made out of plastic. The Ricoh menus are well laid out and are split into three main areas: Shooting, Setup, and Playback. The camera has a lot of options and thankfully the camera's screen is very clear, and the options are very easy to use thanks to the bright yellow highlight, and clear text.

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Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera we never found the AF speed to be a problem on the CX4, the new model is noticeably quicker and just as reliable in both good and bad lighting, so if auto-focus speed is top of your wnats list, the CX5 won't disappoint. The CX5's other major new feature is Super Resolution technology, which is very similar to recent systems from Panasonic and Casio.


It either makes a standard image look like a higher resolution one by processing the contour areas, texture areas and smooth areas individually, or it digitally boosts the zoom magnification from 10x Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera 20x with a claimed minimal loss of quality and no reduction in resolution. To achieve the former, you have to select Super Resolution in the main menu and then choose either the Weak or Strong setting. Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera increase the Super Resolution zoom, you just zoom past the white part of the on-screen zoom bar into the green area, which offers up to a maximum of Note that Super Resolution zoom isn't available in the movie, continuous or creative shooting modes. The difference isn't quite so apparent on a print up to A3 in size, but I'm not convinced enough to recommend it except when you really need the extra reach - it undoubtedly improves on the digital zoom, but not so much that I'd regularly use it.

The Ricoh CX5's When the lens is fully extended, the camera measures over 8cm in depth, but thankfully it retracts fully back into the body when it is turned off. The mm range is very versatile, covering everything from wide-angle landscapes to close-up action photos. Helpfully the zoom mechanism becomes quicker as you progress through the range, a neat feature that really cuts down on waiting for the camera to do your bidding.


Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera don't notice that the camera is actually doing anything different when anti-shake is turned on, just that you can use slower shutter speeds than normal and still take sharp photos. Ricoh seem to have realised the importance of this system, as it is turned on by default, and Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera leaving the anti-shake system on didn't negatively affect the battery-life, with the camera managing just under shots before the battery needed to be recharged. The Ricoh CX5 only has 10 external controls in total, leaving plenty of room for the large 3 inch LCD screen that dominates the back of the camera.

CX5 / Digital Cameras Ricoh Global

The CX5's screen has a commendably high resolution of K dots, and it certainly shows, being noticeably sharper and brighter than cameras with standard K dot screens. Both text and images really come alive on a breath-taking display that's still one of the best of any camera that we've ever reviewed. The S-Auto mode is aimed firmly at beginners. Much like similar systems on rival Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera, when the CX5 is set to S-Auto it automatically identifies the type of scene being photographed and selects the appropriate scene mode portrait, sports, night portrait, landscape, nightscape, macro modeuseful if you're not sure which mode to pick yourself. Like most automatic systems, it's not infallible, but does reliably pick one of the above scenes most of the time.


There are also 3 new scene modes - Cooking, Fireworks and Golf Swing Continuous mode - bringing the total to The Dynamic Range double shot mode, now available as one of the Creative Shooting options, is one of the Ricoh CX5's star attractions, taking advantage of the CMOS sensor to record images with much greater dynamic range than most compacts. When the Ricoh CX5 Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera in DR mode it Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera two images with different exposures, and then records a single image that combines the properly exposed parts of each one.

Ricoh CX5 10 MP CMOS Digital Camera with x Optical Zoom (Black) The Ricoh CX5 is the fifth in a line of CX compacts that goes back to the CX1,  Body type‎: ‎Compact. Product Description.

Ricoh CX5 - digital camera

digital camera. From the Manufacturer. The Ricoh CX5 digital camera features a wide-angle, high-magnification x optical zoom (

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