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It seems like they have used netbook sized keys on a regular sized computer. Having said that, I think you could get used to it; by the end of the day I did.


The trackpad offers friction resistance, which is pleasant to the touch. There is only a single mouse button which can be an issue; however, since this is a touch enabled device, the trackpad is going to get very little Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader - As once you get used to having a touch screen, your work flow entirely changes and the trackpad is an afterthought.

This is why it's rather surprising that more room wasn't dedicated to adding a top notch keyboard to this device. Display The TN offers x screen resolution; however, the screen is glossy, which is great for brilliant colours, but not great for outdoor viewing.

Review Gigabyte Booktop TN & Docking Convertible - Reviews

The viewing angles were around 45 degrees which can cause problems in tablet mode, especially in combination with the glossy display. Let's hope they take the same initiative with the TN. Heat This device runs hot, but pretty much any Core i5 running in an The bottom right side of the notebook gets hot; degrees hot after streaming Hulu for 15 minutes. At idle the chassis does feel unpleasantly warm - too warm to want to hold in your hands. At one point the Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader coming out of the vent was measured at degrees.

Specs Laptop - Notebook Computer: Gigabyte TM Specifications

The bottom right appears to be the only real problem area, but for a device you want to hold in your hand, the bottom right Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader corner is a pretty important area. Usually their touch experience gets improved a few months after release with a software update. Preparation for a 3G module. A highlight of our test device is the configuration with connections via the docking solution. The bottom and front accommodate a total of four speakers, but more on that in "Emissions".

The port for the docking solution, GA-T, is on the left. Two feed holes on the port's left and right ensure an accurate assembly with the station. SIM card slot Right: The latter works with the old 2. The system isn't overloaded with software. If you'd prefer to stick to the familiar Windows desktop, you'll not even notice Gigabyte's AppPark, or even need it. This small interface bids a central access point to Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader used programs. Not something that can't also be managed with a few desktop links.

The installed 3G modem tool indicates the 3G option can be optionally bought: Warranty The manufacturer grants a 24 month warranty on the subnotebook and 12 months on both the battery and docking station. The TN can be inserted on the Dock as a tablet or as a closed subnotebook. The second, smaller bay is for the DVD drive.


The variable 90 degree alignment allows cables to be moved out of sight, in case looking at the touchpad should be necessary during desktop utilization. This even makes home theater utilization imaginable. Only users of Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader eSATA hard disks will be unhappy because this port is covered by the dock and it isn't available on the Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader. There is an alternative power on button on the Dock since the notebook's power slider is also covered. The subnotebook's battery status can be displayed via status LEDs by pressing the battery symbol immediately beside the power button 5 level indicator. A second, identical adapter is included so that the power cable doesn't have to be removed from the Dock when going in vacation. One of our adapters emitted an annoying whining noise, which is NOT a defect in the series. The customer should be entitled to a replacement in this case.

Gigabyte T1125N Review

The arrow keys have pleasantly not been minimized, but the return and right shift key have in return. Nevertheless, typos are rare with a bit of practice. The keyboard's weak point is the unclear pressure point and the soft stroke. It coils in the center key field area during typing.

GIGABYTE T1125N-CF1 11.6-inch Tablet Convertible Notebook Review

The key bed doesn't fit tight here. Consequently, the typing feel is spongy and doesn't support writing motivation and accuracy very much. When the chassis is bent extremely via its hinge, the inserted keyboard loosens itself at a point from the upper mount.

This can be remedied by pressing Gigabyte T1125M Notebook Card Reader down with a finger, but reinforces the clattery impression. Touchpad The cursor moves accurately and with clear friction over the desktop minute knobs. The pad is pleasant to use, when the loud but at least flexible keys medium stroke length, clear pressure point are avoided. It is a multi-touch pad Elan Smart Padwhich detects two finger gestures, e.

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Fixed vertical and horizontal scroll fields have been omitted. Majestic Trio of Notebook, Tablet and Desktop PC. The GIGABYTE ” T comes with Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium or Genuine Windows® 7  Missing: Reader. RJ45, Mic-in, Earphone-out,4-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro), DC-in Jack, Docking Port, USB*1, USB*1, eSATA/USB Combo*1, HDMI, D-sub.

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