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If you go to the settings, you can configure a hotkey to easily increase or decrease the dimming. The video would only show black screen. However, I tried dimming the screen with DimScreen and played Counter Strike but with no effect at all.

8 ways to adjust the screen brightness in Windows (all versions) Digital Citizen

Adjust the screen brightness by changing the active power plan all Windows versions Different Windows devices have different power plans. Some of them come with different settings for the brightness because lowering the screen's brightness decreases the energy consumption and increases the autonomy of your device. Lower screen brightness while in battery saver Therefore, if you want to lower the brightness, change the plan to Acer Display Backlight Control one that offers the best battery life. If you want to increase the brightness, change the plan to one that offers more performance and less battery time.

To learn more about power plans, and how to change them, read this tutorial: What is your preferred method of changing the screen brightness, in Windows? These are all the methods we know for changing the screen brightness in Windows.

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In order to deliver accurate color and intensity scales a display must closely match the standard. Figure 3. Intensity Scale for the Acer Iconia The Acer Iconia has an Intensity Scale fairly close to the Acer Display Backlight Control intensity scale, which is needed in order to accurately reproduce images and pictures for most content. Gamma is the slope of the intensity scale, which should be a constant 2.

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The Gamma for the Iconia is 2. Brightness Decrease with Viewing Angle: Some display technologies are much better than others. This behavior is typical for LCDs. This is much worse than Acer Display Backlight Control performance of good quality LCDs. Color Shift with Viewing Angle: A much more challenging test is to use mixtures of primary colors.

Reference Brown, 0 is a Acer Display Backlight Control indicator of color shifts with angle because of the unequal drive levels and roughly equal luminance contributions from Red and Green. These values are very large and climb drastically for even larger Viewing Angles.

The Automatic Brightness option allows the ambient light sensor on the Iconia to adjust the backlight brightness and Acer Display Backlight Control setting as the ambient light changes. This not only improves visual Acer Display Backlight Control but can also increase the battery run time. We turned off Automatic Brightness for the tests. Graphic Cards Backlight had been flickering and now goes off after a few minutes For about the past month, the backlight on my laptop has been flickering and now it just completely shuts off a few minutes after I turn the computer on.

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Make it quick, though! Black level should not vary from station to station.


Computer monitors are generally underscanned: However if your framebuffer has nonzero setup or EIAA levels then this method is inaccurate. Using black picture content, instead of the margins, always assures Acer Display Backlight Control accurate setting. You can practically play around with the display settings and brightness!

Help! I'm trying to control the brightness of my ACER monitor

Is Nothing Working? If you have tried everything and failed, it is probably because there is a problem in the monitor. Acer Display Backlight Control increase the brightness of the LCD display, hold the Function (Fn) key down and tap the Right Arrow key. To decrease the brightness of the LCD display, hold the Function (Fn) key down and tap the Left Arrow key.


The adjusting of the screen brightness, contrast needs to be clarified. The instructions do not correspond to the 1 to 5 buttons at the bottom of.

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