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Data from any input can be assigned to any of the locations, and your choice of temperature or sensor units can be displayed.

Lake Shore Cryotronics Drivers

Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet For added convenience, you can also custom label each sensor input, eliminating the guesswork in remembering or This allows connection cables of up to 10 m to be used between the Model and the The new scanner option p. The Model has many features specifically developed for dilution refrigerator applications. Dedicated temperature control input Taking measurements at ultra-low temperatures deserves uninterrupted attention from measurement devices. The Model uses a dedicated temperature control input that is designed specifically for connection to a negative temperature coefficient resistive sensor.


This input is designed to continuously monitor the temperature of the dilution Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet sample holder, while the measurement input scans through the multiple other temperature sensors placed throughout the dilution refrigerator. The dedicated control input ensures uninterrupted dilution refrigerator temperature control Multiple heater options Three separate heater outputs are available on the Model DD Sample heater—for fine control of the sample stage at ultra-low temperatures with up to 1 W of power available. DD Warm-up heater—supplying up to 10 W of power and featuring a warm-up mode specifically for the purpose of bringing the system temperature up to allow work to be performed on the sample stage.

Model Specifications Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

Alternatively, this output can provide an analog out signal to other devices if required. Stable temperature control When operating at ultra-low temperatures, even small amounts of added energy can cause unwanted spikes in system temperature.

The Model heater outputs implement several protection mechanisms to reduce or eliminate this potential: DD The circuitry for the sample and still heaters are electrically isolated from other instrument sections DD Multiple power range settings allow extremely fine or coarse power transitions, depending on the need DD Heater outputs are shunted during power up and power range changes, eliminating the potential for unwanted power surges DD Terminal connections allow twisted pair cabling to be easily used for heater wiring; additional shielding of these wires can also be added to further reduce the potential of injecting noise into a system via the heater cabling Temperature zone control Thermal response characteristics of a dilution refrigerator system can change quite dramatically over the useful range of operation, particularly down towards the lower temperature limit of a system, where cooling power is reduced.

This allows for more aggressive transition settings to be used at higher temperatures where system response is faster, and less Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet settings at low temperatures when temperature overshoots result in long recovery times. Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet fail-safes The Model has several features that will protect your system and experiment from accidental deviations in planned temperature settings: DD Temperature thresholds can be set for all heater outputs, meaning the heaters will automatically shut down if it is detected that the system is being overheated.

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This eliminates the terrible experience of having to hurriedly search through menu options while your experiment continues to heat. Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. This can be because the material behavior changes in interesting ways at these temperatures, or because background thermal noise must be minimized for useful measurement data to be extracted.


The standard inputs of the Model accurately measure higher-impedance devices such as temperature sensors, but begin to lose resolution and accuracy when extremely low impedances are encountered such as in Hall effect or superconducting material measurements. Designed with ease of use, functionality, and value in mind, the Model is ideal for general-purpose laboratory and industrial temperature measurement and Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet applications. Lake Shore's Series offers a convenient, modular input solution for precision monitoring of cryogenic temperature sensors in large-scale applications employing distributed PLC-based control.

Delivering the same precision temperature measurement performance as Lake Shore's trusted benchtop cryogenic instruments, widely distributed high energy applications like particle accelerators and fusion reactors as Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet as industrial sites will benefit from this new instrumentation. It provides better measurement performance in applications where researchers need to ensure accuracy and precision in their low cryogenic temperature monitoring. With eight sensor inputs, it can be used with nearly any diode or resistive temperature sensor.

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Lake Shore's Model single-channel temperature monitor provides the accuracy, resolution, and interface features of a benchtop temperature monitor in an easy to use, easily integrated, compact instrument. With appropriate sensors, the Model measures temperature from 1.

Alarms, relays, user-configurable analogue voltage or current output, and a serial interface are standard features on the Model The Model can also be used for precise control in sub mK dilution or adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator applications. Its dedicated control input is designed to continuously monitor the refrigerator's sample holder temperature.

The scanner option can then be used to scan through other sensors within the refrigerator. The Model also has three heater outputs, including sample, still and warm-up heaters. PID control enables the setting of both fixed temperature setpoints and ramp rates, and different PID values can be set for different temperature Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 Controller Ethernet within a refrigerator. The Model AC resistance bridge and temperature controller is the latest-generation Download the latest instrument firmware and ethernet firmware.

Model AC Resistance Bridge and Temperature Controller FIGURE Ethernet, USB and IEEE connections on the Model

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