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LG CH08LS10 ODD could be that the lens has a bit of dirt on it, or in a worse case scenario it could be that the lens has fully packed up. If it has packed up you can get replacement laser units for some drives, however I would say that you might be cheaper buying a new drive. Firstly if you know what your doing you could try to dismantle the drive and give the laser a bit of a clean - this can be quite tricky and you will invalidate your warranty.

LG BluRay Drive Won't Read DVDs

Things you'll need to do this 1 x screwdriver probably philips head 0 or 1 1 x bottle LG CH08LS10 ODD isopropyl alcohol DO NOT drink it or test it - it isn't the same as the alcohol found in drinks, it can be quite toxic if ingested! There are a few issues if you do - firstly there is a risk of electric shock although it's hardly likely to kill you it certainly wont be very pleasantbut also there is a very strong risk of severe damage to your eyesight. The laser beam in a drive will normally shut off until the drive is closed because there is a switch, however if you take the case off the top of the drive the safety mechanism doesn't know LG CH08LS10 ODD because it's assumed that only qualified people will take the lid off!

Once you've unplugged the drive and removed the lid, get one of the cotton wool sticks the type you use for cleaning ears out withand dip it in a little bit of the isopropyl alcohol or if it's a spray, spray some isopropyl alcohol onto the stick. You should see in the drive a laser unit, it looks like small circular piece of glass on a track. Clean the lens with the cotton wool stick and alcohol.

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After it's been cleaned re-assemble the drive and test do not test the drive without re-assembling first due to LG CH08LS10 ODD radiation. It might fix it, it might not, but it's worth a go if your going to LG CH08LS10 ODD the drive anyway! Provides the LG CH08LS10 ODD Firmware It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

LG Blu-Ray Internal Combo LG UAE

Try to set a. Download LG Firmware drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities - Sorted by operating system - Page 6.

LG CH08LS10 ODD Firmware

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