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OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse Driver

This angle shot shows the two thumb buttons that are typically used as forward and backward button in windows, the clear scroll wheel that lights up as well as the button just behind it the small black one that is used to switch between DPI settings. The red button is the "triple threat" button that is used to quickly double click in Windows and hit the shoot OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse three times quickly when gaming. Sometimes, when using weapons in first person shooters that don't have quick reloads or simulate kick backs, the triple threat button would only get off one or two shots instead of the advertised three.

The scroll wheel changes OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse to the corresponding color set against the label shown above to give the user a visual indication of which DPI setting is currently been set. For example if the current DPI setting is the scroll wheel will glow green. Note that changing the DPI setting to the highest setting dpi does not mean it will increase your accuracy; it only increases the speed at which the mouse moves on your screen.

Personally I find it hard to work if the setting is set to over dpi and for most games I set the dpi setting to as it gives me the best movement. Some of you OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse there however might be used to or will get used to higher dpi settings, so this is still a good feature to have regardless. Putting aside the size, which is largely up to personal preference, the mouse sat nicely in my hand.

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The mobile version is very light and can be moved quickly thanks OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse a cord that is practically weightless. The coating on the top and sides is an awesome metallic that always looks good, does not carry fingerprints, and does not get slippery the way a glossy surface can. On the left side, below the two side buttons is a rubber, textured area which allows the users thumb to grip the side of the mouse. This really completes the mouse and makes for a nice overall fit.

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Conclusion While it is easy to be skeptical of a company like OCZ who does not specialize in OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse devices entering into the gaming mouse market, the Equalizer ended up being a very good product. It is well designed, properly layed out, and has a features that their competition should be on the lookout for.

When using the mouse I was especially happy with the sensitivity adjustment. Other companies have done this well in the past, but to have six on-board, color-coded settings is a great way to go about it.


The downside is that if you want to go down in sensitivity you have to scroll through the higher ones but this is often quicker than having a OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse down and up button. The LED lights mean you will have to look away from the game for a second, but the colors are easy to recognize so it is just a momentary distraction.

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One of the special features that the Equalizer has is a Triple-Threat button which should fire three shots in rapid succession, besides that the button should function as a double-click button in standard Windows applications. I will be reviewing the large desktop version of the OCZ Equalizer mouse today.


Technical specifications from OCZ Technology: OCZ's mice are called Equalizer and feature a DPI laser sensor made by Agilent technology. The mice come in two different sizes, one.

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The new OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is sure to excite today's demanding gamers with its unique features, high performance engine, and.

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