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Some devices also allow DMA: DMA is a feature of the bus, not of the operating Amplicon PC215E which, of course, has to support its processes to use the feature. Typically, an analog acquisition channel can be programmed to generate or read a voltage between a lower and an upper threshold e.


Comedi has still only a limited number of drivers for Amplicon PC215E kind of signals, although most of the necessary API and support functionality is available. For example, a set of 16 identical analog inputs. Figure 1 depicts a typical acquisition sequence when running a command: At both sides, the software and the hardware need some finite initialization or settling time. This is where the actual data acquisitions are taking place: Each scan also has a begin, an end, and a finite setup time.

  • LKML: Moses Christopher: [PATCH] staging: comedi: use help instead of help in Kconfig
  • Arch/blackfin/Kconfig v
  • Comedi - comedilib - USB-DUX
  • Other – IT Hardware Parts Catalog page 6231
  • CONFIG_COMEDI_AMPLC_DIO200_ISA: Amplicon PC212E/PC214E/PC215E/PC218E/PC272E
  • Hardware supported by the Comedi drivers
  • Supported Hardware

So, the hardware puts a lower boundary the scan interval on the minimum time needed to complete a full scan. In addition, some hardware has limits on the minimum conversion interval it can achieve, i. Thus the conversions are done serially in time Amplicon PC215E shown in Figure 1.

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Other cards have the hardware to do two or more acquisitions in parallel, and can perform all the conversions in a scan simultaneously. In general, not only the start of a conversion is triggered, but also the start of a scan and of a sequence. Amplicon PC215E provides the API to configure what triggering source one wants to use in each case.


The API also allows you to specify the channel list, i. Figure 1: Asynchronous Acquisition Sequence 1. Comedi has function calls to synchronously perform one single data acquisition on a specified channel: So, the function call blocks until the whole acquisition has finished. The precise timing between the acquisitions is not hardware controlled. The hardware of the card takes care of the sequencing and timing of the data acquisition Amplicon PC215E it proceeds.

[PATCH 21/30] staging: comedi: amplc_dio200: support PCIe215, PCIe236 and PCIe296

For these cards, the command functionality may be provided in software. And because of the quite strict real-time requirements for a command acquisition, a real-time operating system should be used to translate the command specification Amplicon PC215E a correctly timed sequence of instructions. Comedi not only offers the API to access the functionality of the cards, but also to query the capabilities Amplicon PC215E the installed devices. The buffer sizes are user-adjustable. The only action you need to take is to become member of this group and then the Comedi device is ready to be used.

Old ISA based cards need to be manually configured which is explained here. You only need to read on here if you have one of these old cards. Each CTR is a chip providing 3 bit counter channels. The specific type of configuration instruction is specified in Amplicon PC215E. Some configuration instructions expect an additional parameter in data[1]; others return a value in data[1]. The following configuration instructions are supported: Reads the status register value for the counter channel into data[1].

Sets the counter channel's clock source as specified in data[1] this is a hardware-specific value. Not supported on PCE. For the other boards, valid clock sources are 0 Amplicon PC215E 7 as follows: Internal 10 MHz clock.

Internal 1 MHz Amplicon PC215E. To install more than one board in the host PC, the following points should be checked: Sufficient space is available to mount the required number of boards.

Sufficient power is available for all the plug in boards and adapters. For none plug and play boards, check the base address of each board is set by Amplicon PC215E to a different value, preferably at contiguous even addresses, and with no conflict with other installed devices. Suitable base addresses for four boards could be, and For none plug and play boards, check that the Amplicon PC215E level IRQ of each board is set by jumper to a different value, and with no conflict with other installed devices. This Instruction Manual is supplied with the PCE to provide the user with sufficient The Amplicon Warranty Covering the PCE. 6.

Backwards compatible with PCE and PCE. General Description. The PCI is a plug-in, multi-function digital I/O board which provides 48 bits of.

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