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Fax-Modems and ISDN

However, digital cameras allow us to explore new uses for personalimages. Traditional photographic prints don' tpreclude this, but some projects are much eas-ier to achieve if your images are already digital.

A couple of the digital cameras reviewedin this issue include PhotoVista panorama-creation software from a company calledLivePicture. Other software companies,including Apple, offer similar products Thesoftware allows you to create degreepanorama shots by stitching together Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM seriesof images. Setting up the camera requires a bitof care,' but once you have a series of images for example, 18 images taken at degreeincrementsthe software takes them andblends the edges so that they become a single,continuous image.

Using a special viewer,you can then view tlie panorama on yourcomputer, using your mouse to move theangle of view left or right through a full degrees. A Web browser plug-in is also avail-able, allowing anyone to view your creationthrough a browser, ' I' ve heard of real estate agents using thiskind of technology to allow potential buyersto take a virtual tour of the inside of houses. Artists have posted panoramas on their Websites, and commercial photographers areincluding panoramas at part of the imagesthey have for sale. Panoramas are just one type of imagefacilitated by digital cameras. As more peoplebegin to alse these tools, we' re sure to discov-er other Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM to express our creativity.

The bgAslness pagesAlso in this month's issue is our first supple-ment, Tech Enterprise, devoted to business tech-nology. As digital technology pushes itself intomore comers of our lives, we need to gain abetter understanding of computers and relatedtechnologies. That is especially true Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM smallbusiness, where technological proficiency isnot an option; it is at the core of survival andprosperity. If you own or work for a small tomedium business, we hope you find this sup-plement useful, entertaining and illuminating. Even Sundaymorningchat shows are lining uppundits. There is nothing wrong with makingthe general public aware of the problem.

WhatI hate is their attitude toward the "stupid" pro-grammers who didn't foresee this problem. Actually programmers did foresee thisproblem but they also believed that manage-ment would get around to putting aside extramoney to resolve this problem Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM hard-ware became cheaper, well before the year To all those smug commentators whoremark with disdain about programmers, Ihave one question: I hope in the year ,people will be more generous, because even aswe are resolving the YZK problem, we Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM lay-ing the seeds for the YIOK problem. Halinda states "Buyer be especiallywary if you plan on purchasing a PC that willbe used for some intense gaming.

On theother hand, if a Celeron processor will poweryour office PC, where you do little more thanWord, Excel and email, you have little toworry about," This information is somewhatbackwards, in my opinion. The lack of L2 cache on the Celeron makesit an incredibly poor'choice foi an officemachine.

Using business Winbench 98 whichtests using standard office applications theCeleron performs on par with Intel's mmxCPU yet costs considerably more. But don't just take my word forit, others have tested this performance andarrived at the same conclusion; the Celeron isa BAD choice for office applications, period. Checking frameratesin games uike Quake II and Incoming or check-ing 3D Studio Max rendering times shows theCeleron to be an exceptional performer for theprice in 3D, far outperforming the compari-tively priced competition. And the Celeron is overclocking-friendly. Idon't recommend overclocking, of course, butpeople do it and will continue to. The lack ofany L2 cache makes Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM currently the mostoverclocking-friendly CPU.


People have theCeleron running at and MHz. That's the sort of power garners like for acheap, cheap price. Now this doesn't mean I like the Celeron;I don' t.

I'm not sure what Intel was thinkingbut I'm sure it was profit motivated. Ammican subsrxipgons please send in US Funds.

01 The Computer Paper - BC Edition

Overseas please send Canadian lirst class. The ConprdecPaper is published monthly by Canada Compraer paper inc. Reprodudion in whole or in part without lhe pennission oi the publisher isstricgy prohibited.


Select Specify the location of the driver Advanced and click Next. Windows Installation Save the file fmlki Select Display a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver, then click Next. Click on the Have Disk button, then click the Browse button. In the Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM File window, navigate to where the drivers were extracted and click Open, followed by OK. The Zoom/Modem V PC Card Plus model is a high-performance V 56K fax modem that plugs into the PCMCIA slot Hyperdata PCMCIA 56K FAX MODEM a laptop computer. The model  Missing: Hyperdata.

Results 1 - 48 of - Zonet ZFM 56K V FAX/Modem PCMCIA Modem Card 3Com USR US Robotics PC Card (PCMCIA) 56k Modem VMissing: Hyperdata.

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