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It should blink to indicate network traffic.

I have done this many times while experimenting with features or configuration, and have lost network connectivity to the device. Power off the Groove Using a small pointed object, press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the device near the Ethernet port While still holding the button, plug the power back in Wait until the bottom LED blinks, then release the reset button Your Groove is now back to factory defaults and you can start over! It may want to reboot — make sure you do that before changing anything else. If your Mode is not set to Router, choose that and press Apply Configuration at the bottom of the screen. It also may want you to reboot here, which I recommend. I have seen many situations where changing to other settings under Quick Set have rendered the Groove unreachable, and have had to reset MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point to factory defaults.

Some people have asked about Bridge vs Router mode, and why you would want another MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point in the process.

Configure MikroTik Router as a Wireless Access point - Skillshare

Step 2 — Optional Settings At this point, you can proceed to connecting to your first WiFi network — the basics are setup, and the rest of the defaults should work with a standard router connected to the Groove. I MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point do not recommend changing the network settings as the defaults work well, and unless they conflict with other devices on your network, add more risk in changing. Plus, because you can get into situations where you have to Factory Reset, using the default IP address that MikroTik assigns saves you from having to change your networking just to reconfigure things. Connecting to a new WiFi network When you have arrived at a new marina and are ready to connect to a new WiFi network, there are a couple of choices to get you going: Once there, you should see a Wireless section on the left hand of the screen.


By default the MikroTik should start showing you available WiFi networks, but it may be blank if the band is set wrong. The Groove shows the available networks based on the Band, Channel Width, and Country that is selected. If everything MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point set correctly, you should connect very shortly. You should also have an IP address in the right hand side under Wireless Network.


Using a particular access point While you are now connected and should have Internet access, some versions of RouterOS record the exact access point MAC address, band MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point channel width and locks the connection to those properties. If you are at a location where there are multiple access points APs providing the same WiFi signal, you may wish to override that so that the Groove searches for and uses the most powerful access point if something changes. Often, when boats move up and down with the tides, and as environmental conditions change another boat leaving, etc.

You may need to experiment to get the best results, and I have seen the above be completely wrong with some of the newer firmware versions MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point they configure it generically and connect to any AP with that WiFi name.


To override what has been set above, simply follow Step 4 below in The Manual Way to remove the MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point MAC address and change the band and channel width to more inclusive values. The Manual Way If you have an older version of firmware, you may not be able to use the steps above.

Also, if you prefer to tweak the radio or security settings, you might use these steps as well. To do this: Click on Wireless in the navigation pane. Click on the Security Profiles tab.

Click Add New. Make sure that is selected only. Leave everything else at the defaults. Click Apply, and you have a Security Profile you MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point associate with the WiFi adapter for the network in question. Step 2 — Scan I always use the built in scanner regardless of what the marina has told me. I start by scanning with the radio set to 5Ghz, and then try 2.

If so, go back to step 2 and choose 2Ghz frequencies. You can tweak them afterwards. DynaDish- long rang 5GHz and 2.

Download MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point Firmware for OS Independent

LH- CPE, point-to-point dual polarized. MTAD- long range parabolic antennas. Wireless Wire- full duplex wireless solution for high-speed point-to-point comms for Gigabit Ethernet. These products are: Interfaces MikroTik provides interface products for Ethernet and fiber connectivity.

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Ethernet adapters include MikroTik RBMetal2SHPn Access Point series of mini PCI cards for both mobile and stationary workstations. Specific for these router boards are provided with various characteristics. Metallic enclosures are also available for the RB series of routers and switches, including panel mountable front faces. This card has only mW of power compared to mW for the R52Hn. FL connectors.

It has a built-in N-male connector, and pole attachment points, so you can attach it to an antenna directly, or use a standard Product code, RBMetal2SHPn. It can work as an AP, a device for wireless point-to-point connections or as a The Mikrotik RBMetal2SHPn, completely waterproof, rugged, and super high.

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