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It would be very usuful for me because of my business in Poland, hmm I prefer to do it using just my laptop for security reasons to connect my laptop to internet in the USA at least twice Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem my trip: After checking the instructions for my laptop Toshiba Satelite and its original adaptor and after calling to official Toshiba service in my homecountry Poland I still have to ask you 2 questions: Is there anybody who used European laptop in the USA without changing the whole cable? It has an adaptor 45W which can change input alternating current V V, 1. It has an plug to European wall outlet.

The cable wall outlet - adaptor input in the USA and Canada must agree with: In adaptor instruction it's written that the cable MUST agree with norms of country where it's used and each cable must be: Doesn't it mean that there are other standarts of whole cables in the USA Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem Europe not only plugs. From official Toshiba service: I called to official service of Toshiba in Poland and asked them what I need: Maybe I was the first who asked them on it: I would think you'd need a different power supply with the jack for your computer to convert the V to 15V you need. To get online, some hotels have access, and I would think some internet cafes would allow you to connect via the high speed port.

You might meet people who would let you as well. You certainly would Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem you happen to be in Canada. Thanks for your suggestions, I will try to ask them. On the large 'boxy' part it normally has this info.


Other than that, a standard plug conversion is sufficient. Nearly all hotels have data transfer over the phone line, and some have high speed for free, or at a small fee.

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If you have the european Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem jack, you should be ok, but if you have a British phone jack, you'll need a converter for that too. Don't know whether your ISP has global dial-in, and if not, you can pick-up one of the free AOL disks anywhere, and use the 3-month trial or so to connect locally.

Toshiba Laptop Parts

As long as you get the simple plug Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem not the expensive voltage converter and a phone plug adapter you should be all set. All you'll need is a plug adapter because in the US we use flat prongs. Such adapters are easy to find in the US for instance in bigger hardware stores or places like Radio Shack for a few bucks. Are you sure that I can use without damaging my laptop, wow - it would be real catastrophy for me original Toshiba adaptor CABLE cable: A power cable is a power cable is a power cable.

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If you power supply support multi-voltage and multi frequency operation and it Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem then you are home free. I travel all over the world quite a bit and use the same cable and power supply for my laptops - with a plug adapter if needed - everywhere even in Poland: You can buy this in the US for well under10, you can also buy a "plug adapter", which is not an entire new cable but just an adapter that lets your existing cord plug into a US wall plug.

If you don't get this before you leave, once in the United States, ask for the location of a "Radio Shack" store, it's a US retail Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem that sells lots of electronic parts, they have 7, stores and there is likely to be one close to wherever you are. Note, Radio Shack is not highly regarded for quality, but for this kind of thing they are fine.

Toshiba Satellite E Alps TouchPad Driver download full version My novofilesfree

You can get away with a lower-power supply less than 5 amps in a pinch. I use a 4A supply regularly, and have used a 3A supply on occasion.


In this case, try to avoid doing everything that uses lots of power at once -- remove the battery so there is no charging draw while actually using the laptop, and try not to "burn" a CD. Just in case somebody to be interested in future.

Using European laptop in the USA

My adaptor says input: The power cord is separate from the converter. If you can plug this converter Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem from or to whatever your computer ultimately uses into US electric, it would be just as easy and probably cheaper to get an adapter plug rather than buying the whole assembly. I love my toshiba. As for the other question about access.

You need a phone jack cord, a compatible place to plug it into the computer modem and a place to attach the other end to a working phone line. This driver enables your computer to be able to connect to the Internet using your modem, so that Toshiba Satellite 1410-614 Modem can browse the Web, read E-Mail or. Toshiba Satellite Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information. Toshiba Satellite Modem Driver. Toshiba Satellite Network.

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