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By downloading and installing this update, you acknowledge that you understand this update cannot be reversed. Please follow the upgrade instructions carefully. Failure to follow the instructions may interrupt the upgrade process and may cause the TV to be unresponsive Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV require repair. Do not power off the TV or disconnect it from the AC power source during the upgrade process.

Sony Bravia KDL-40EX703 40" 1080p HD LCD Television

This tells us where the main primary and secondary colours are in terms of saturation, hue and brightness against the colour standard for HD and Pal content. The vast majority of the content you watch on TV has been mastered so the colours are correct to the standard we use known as Rec. So if the TV can match the colour points and brightness to the content standards, we see everything as it is intended to be seen. The third element is the Gamut luminance Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV chart. Looking at the CIE chart we can see that on the triangle are six boxes which show where Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV colour points should be to match the standard.

The black dots are the results of our measurements and show where the actual colours are on the Sony.

The black curved line and the black dot that sits on or close to this, is our white point. We saw this in the greyscale results and it shows white has too much blue.

If we look at the primary colour points, Red, Green and Bluewe can see that Green is outside the triangle and is over saturated. Red has a similar position but to one side which indicates a hue error. Blue is almost where we would like it to be. The Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV colours are a little better in their placement with magenta towards blue, this is a hue error. The final parts to look at are the Gamut Luminance and DeltaL graphs.

Sony Bravia KDLEX 40" p HD LCD Television eBay

This indicates how bright the colours are compared to how bright they should be. This is a very important area to check with any results, as the saturation and hue results of the colour points could be ideal on the CIE chart, but the brightness could be too high or dim which will affect the on-screen appearance of the colours. It is extremely rare to find the colour gamut matches up out of the box, so the results here from the Sony are very good indeed. However by correcting the greyscale in our calibration we might be able to pull Magenta back to where it should be. Plus we can use some very subtle adjustments with the main colour control to balance the errors slightly better. It would have been nice if Sony could have added a full colour management system for adjustment of the colour points for hue, saturation and brightness as we could have obtained almost perfect results.

Calibrated Results With the out of the box measurements done we set about with a full isf calibration. This requires the use of an accurate meter and software as it cannot be done by eye. As Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV can see in the RGB Balance chart some adjustments at the high and low ends of the greyscale using the included white balance controls gave us an excellent result. The errors are so low DeltaE graph that we will not be able to see any colour casts in a grey ramp test pattern or on-screen with normal viewing.

Sony EX703 (KDL-40EX703) Review

White and greys no longer have too Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV blue visible and are correct to the D65 white point. This has also improved the gamma tracking which is now almost perfectly tracking at 2. Overall the results here are very good.


Moving to the Colour Gamut we have also been able to balance the points a little better than out of the box results. The eagle eyed amongst you will see that some areas have risen in terms of errors, but this is balanced across all the points now although there was nothing to do with red, yet its on screen result is not pronounced. We could have left things as they were out of the box, but just by balancing the results, we get a more fluid look to colours without any one main error that would be obvious on screen. It is not perfect, but without a CMS control its as good as it gets with this Sony and unless you have a reference monitor sitting side by side, most folk will never notice any of the slight errors.

All the other picture presets are too bright with large blue errors that ruin detail and image balance. Video Processing Looking at Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV definition material first the EX offers good scaling with no signs of artificial edges or ringing. The de-interlacing is also average to good with only slight jaggies visible on the bottoms bars in the HQV tests.


The SD image holds up well and can be considered Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV. Moving to cadence detection and the Sony managed to lock on to the main 2: Obviously this requires film mode to be switched on in the menu system.


The playback of 24p Blu-ray material Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV also good with no signs of induced judder. Plus there is no added behind the scenes processing or sharpening to ruin matters. Just make sure overscan is switched off with HD images so you get all detail available. The EX also has Motion flow Hz technology and like any frame interpolation system it is a controversial feature.

This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Get the detailed list of (technical) specifications for Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX703 HDTV Sony KDLEX BRAVIA Internet Video. YES. Wireless LAN. Compatible (with optional USB  Missing: HDTV. Migration of the Demand 5 app on selected Sony BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc Players - 15th January · Add, sort and delete channels with ease: Sony  Missing: HDTV.

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