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Mass storage devices that were found are now listed at the top of the screen.

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Accept the listed devices by pressing Enter. If the hard drive has more than cylinders, you will be shown instructions that relate to hard drive size.

You must read the agreement, pressing the Page Xycom VGA 35xx-8B key to scroll through the document. After you ve read the entire agreement, press the F8 function key to agree to the terms of the License Agreement and proceed with installation.

Setup will display the computer hardware and software components that have been found. You may use the up or down arrow keys to select one Xycom VGA 35xx-8B the elements on the Xycom VGA 35xx-8B. After selection, press Enter to display a list of alternate choices to choose from. To accept the list, press Enter. You are now presented with hard drive partition information. At minimum, the partition that includes the operating system NT should be deleted at this time. You may also delete any other partitions that may be listed.

Supported Hardware

Deleting the partition s will destroy existing data on that partition. You may partition and format any additional partitions after the operating system installation is completed if you prefer not to do so at this point. Press Enter to continue. Xycom VGA 35xx-8B

Repeat steps 12a, 12b, and 12c, above, to delete additional partitions if desired. Create a new hard drive partition. Choose a partition size in MB.

Enter the correct number in MB and press Enter. If additional hard drive space is available you may now highlight that space by pressing the up or down arrow keys and press C to create an additional partition. Repeat step a above. After you have finished creating partitions, highlight the partition to be loaded with the operating system by pressing the up or down arrow keys and press Xycom VGA 35xx-8B. Setup must now format the new partition. That hard disk partition is now formatted by setup. Now you are prompted for a directory folder location in which to install Microsoft Windows NT Xycom VGA 35xx-8B 4.

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Press Enter to select the default. Press Enter to allow setup to test your hard drive. Xycom VGA 35xx-8B will then be prompted to install the Windows NT Workstation 4. Setup will now begin to copy operating system files from the CD to your hard drive directory.

Now you will be prompted to remove any floppy or CD disk. Remove them and press Enter to restart your computer. This document is copyrighted by Xycom Automation Incorporated (Xycom Series Flat Panel Industrial PC. Xycom VGA 35xx-8B. Perform the following steps to prepare the system . The video port is a pin D-sub VGA connector at the side of the unit.

Supported Hardware

Xycom unit, or you can create a set of backup boot floppy disks and use them for reinstalling 8. You are now presented with the Microsoft® Windows® NT Workstation Licensing.

The default VGA video driver is now loaded. Do not try to Xycom VGA 35xx-8B. Repeat steps 35 and 36 in the Installation Instructions section to log on to the.

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