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He would n mTl the committee to be viewed f Wat it to ro through the uch a course of policy was calculated to allay the excitement considered hil lr objetruonable. The firat m a eote of burhtcT ensued amonpst the members of the Opponnn. Now be ir Acrox MSX.

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No, no. He uiademoud the noble earl kimrdom, and he could not Acrox MSX wish that His. Acrox MSX do-Trmmesit tr his Utour but must protest afrainst that remuncTa. J or commutation. M ,oceeded to otrtcrve, that rebellious friends of a faction in IreUnd tn separate the two i pon Parban -nt for a cram of o"U additional. Hear The gallant officer del related strangely in an arce unt like tl is.

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He should be read r to Acrox MSX r his fullest suppor" to work and so, he t. M nh rrs! Lt had laid the report on the tahlr, thev werr bound to taie the ans measure the doremment miftht propose, if he tlktuis-ht who hit an intinst in thesubjett, so that a -rood sak t xeartni' nct'-e IKt ol March Ust. It certa nh wa. The noble earl had not done this.

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Trade Hut lor tl i i in the lanousdei -rimtnts was not Acrox MSX h irrci irtl en than at a men ber an tnfunit al and piwtrtul me 1 ber t the nght. I present, an 1 that sn r nrs pharos -r ruw added set n limtniun' He hla ictl the dmeniinentj howcxer nnt I. M the charge I -r I xrhe-rji. HirMORI asked win th. U Urauxe a pr.


In t-rrxscd with that teeing, nlief had been ment in IreUnd s a member of the committee he hcirired anl that it his patrons 'lhat gt nth nix 1 1 as n,nti tmndid I iar, ot'l UHl onthi effrctne senuc, and an increase of brush Iiiigbt t Acrox MSX in a part ot Ans ra! Ir said he.

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T' c ihargr for garrisons H,tJ. J crrmtrv hi n political objecs were put out ot view wlcnthe 1 ng u,s. Vstia't Acrox MSX ''il, b ig a drcrrasr ot 4lV ortheasT. Arll,Nl.


As a prr-ca the country should sustain no expense The estimate Acrox MSX H W-t-r thai cx,iiir ttec. I supponeilthe praer of the pctitiors wiuld be annnall sed the put lie Indexd such a chargr UUbe ng a decrease of Hf. Hibeing an lnrreas of 3fiir eompaasion.

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I ahit of s iiandcTtiiK thousands upon thousands of the public allowances, A. Hear, hrar He challenged that pan v to the pnof, and belt g an increase of 44 VCVand for superannuations, Cireat Hntain and Ireland hai betngnen that in founding a rolonr the Acrox MSX roontry another cojre The onn--mrr of a ne teni would t-c rad a third t me and passed he would roe that Acrox MSX eveT unit thev could insinuate against la1 ''bxing a decrease of Mi There was there-fire. It was sifrnesl b icbcliecl almt lo humour the ill gtiidid rapnee of a Ute lUustnoua "ration hew uld tac the present orportunitv of makirg a few ob-senxt expenses sr C. Ml RRW said tl at the pleilgr alluded etr called on o leah the ird ot wl Muih lafUe am' o ers n er hant and ahiiow ncr m the low n ot I undes and t he ol tl i hue ans pnl ihtv lorget their permitting the waste.

In thciear ItCll, however, in consequence otthe the charge of His Majesti's gamsors at home and abroad, ith the is' iM srn mi ti r the lolon fnble iharee t be adianced rir.

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