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The forward and lateral tracking system contains a moving carrier and a remote control device. The moving carrier contains a front frame, a Acrox MUY lateral frame, a second lateral frame, and at least a driving unit.

The front frame has a first IR infra-red receiver and a second IR receiver for detecting left and right movement, and a first supersonic detector for detecting forward distance. The first lateral frame has a second supersonic detector and a third supersonic detector for detecting left and right movement, and a third IR receiver. The second lateral frame has a fourth supersonic detector and a fifth supersonic detector for detecting left and right movement, and a fourth IR receiver. The remote control device contains at least an IR transmitter signally linked to the IR receivers.

February 2, Assignee: December 3, Applicant: Yia-Yuan Oreyang Foldable trolley Patent number: A foldable trolley includes a chassis frame, which includes a Acrox MUY wheel set and a rear wheel set between a slidable plate is arranged for driving the rear wheel set to collapse toward the front wheel set.

The first frame is coupled to a first driver device and is mounted on the slidable plate. The second frame is coupled to a second driver device and connected to the first frame. Acrox MUY first driver device drives the first frame to bend toward the front wheel set and the first frame drives the slidable plate to move simultaneously so as to have the rear wheel set Acrox MUY collapse towards the front wheel set. The second driver device drives the second frame to bend toward the rear wheel set so as to achieve an effect of multiple-stage folding to effectively reduce the overall size after folding. July 14, Assignee: Yia-Yuan Oreyang Protector for portable electronic device and method for manufacturing the same Patent number: A protector for a portable electronic device is provided. The protector includes a substrate having a first surface, a second surface and an edge; a first sheet disposed on the first surface and having an edge portion; and a second sheet disposed on the second surface, wherein the edge portion of the first sheet is folded along the edge of the substrate, disposed on the second surface, and sandwiched between the second sheet and the substrate.

June Acrox MUY, Assignee: May 8, Applicant: The communication switching device provides the plugin of a mobile communication device so that the mobile communication device is charged while plugged in. The mobile communication device has a signal transmission port.

Customer feedback ACROX DEVELOPMENT

The communication switching device is also connected to the public switching telephone network and one or more telephone sets. As such, when the mobile communication device is plugged into the communication switching device for charging, the function of the mobile communication device is extended to the telephone sets through the communication switching device. A user can pick up an incoming call or make an outgoing call through the mobile communication device using any telephone set. April 17, Applicant: October 3, Applicant: Steve Ore-Yang Positioning structure of a single-pull Acrox MUY Patent Acrox MUY A single-pull reel which includes an upper cover, a bottom cover configured to engage with the upper cover, a cord-rotating disc, a clamping member provided on a top section of the cord-rotating disc, the bottom portion of the cord-rotating disc being provided with a sliding groove, a spiral spring having an inner end and an outer end, the inner end being engaged with the notch of the axle of the upper cover, a cord divided into a first section and a second section, a positioning ball mounted within the sliding groove of the cord-rotating disc thereby forming an engaged sliding movement, and the bottom cover having an inner face provided with a multi-functional rail in combination with the positioning ball to provide a clockwise and counterclockwise movement of the cord-rotating disc thereby causing the positioning ball to provide alternately a loosening and tightening operation of the cord.

March 23, Assignee: Ting-Kuo Tai Positioning structure of a single-pull reel Patent number: A positioning rod structure for a single-pull reel which will be positioned upon pulling out of cord from the reel and will restore to its original position if the cord is pulled for a second time. When the cord is pulled for one round, a positioning of the cord is done, and the pulling of the cord provides multi control of the cord, accordingly, the pulling of cord is precisely controlled. Acrox Technologies, Co. Wen-Han Chang Structure of a single-pull reel Patent number: A single-pull reel which includes a bottom cover having a center axle, a top cover engageable with the bottom cover; a cord-rotating disc having a top portion provided with a circular flange which is divided into a plurality of sections by a plurality of slots, a clamping member being provided behind one of the sections to form a passage therebetween and having a plurality of serrated teeth at an inner side against the one of the sections, the bottom portion being provided with a multi-operation urging track, a spiral spring having an inner end engaged with a notch of the axle and an outer end bent into a hook to engage with one of the sections of the cord-rotating disc, a cord, and a peg positioning structure comprising a peg and a pulling spring.


October 20, Assignee: Any forward-looking statements refer only as of the date on which such statements are made. We undertake no Acrox MUY to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after Acrox MUY date on which such statement is made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Cautionary Note — The Securities and Exchange Commission permits oil and gas companies, in their filings with the SEC, to disclose only proved reserves that a company has demonstrated by actual production or conclusive formation tests to be economically and legally producible under existing economic and operating conditions. We use certain terms in this presentation Acrox MUY as "probable reserves" that the SEC's guidelines strictly prohibit us from including in filings with the SEC. You can also obtain this Form from the SEC by accessing its website at www. MPSC website - www.

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February — Final Order: At least Acrox MUY billion cubic feet per day Projected In-Service: Internally, DTE Energy uses operating earnings to measure performance against budget and to report to Acrox MUY Board of Directors. Acrox Technologies Co., Input Device Drivers.


(MUY Driver 3D Optial Mouse) This site maintains listings of mouse, Acrox MUY, and other. Acrox Technologies Co., Input Device Drivers. This site ACROX MT5, ACROX MUN, ACROX MWE driver MUY driver, [more].

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