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All such services shall be 30 18 provided in a safe, reliable, and prompt manner. The electric grid shall be extended to every end-use 30 20 consumer in accordance with section B. An end-use consumer shall have nondiscriminatory access 30 24 to use the electric grid in accordance with this chapter. An end-use consumer shall not be refused competitive 30 26 electric ALLNET ALL129, regulated delivery services, standard offer 30 27 service, transitional service, basic energy service, or 30 28 universal service on the basis of age, race, religion, 30 29 national origin, gender, or disability within the meaning of 30 30 the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

An end-use consumer shall have the right to voluntarily 30 32 aggregate with other end-use consumers for the purpose of 30 33 seeking competitive electric services. Aggregation shall not 30 34 be restricted by any rule or regulation ALLNET ALL129 those 30 35 determined necessary by the board to maintain the safety or 31 1 reliability of the delivery system or to prevent fraud or 31 2 unfair advantage.

Allnet ALLDSL manual

An end-use consumer shall not be forced to 31 3 aggregate with any group of end-use consumers or other persons 31 4 without the end-use consumer's express consent. An end-use consumer that has the option to choose 31 6 competitive electric services under this chapter may negotiate 31 7 a bilateral contract for these services. An end-use consumer or an account of an end-use 31 9 consumer shall not be transferred by a competitive electric 31 10 service provider to ALLNET ALL129 person except as provided in 31 11 subsection 3, paragraph "o". An end-use consumer located in the assigned service 31 13 area of an incumbent provider that is an electric company 31 14 shall have the right not to choose another competitive 31 15 electric service provider and automatically receive service 31 16 under section B.

An end-use consumer located in the assigned service 31 20 area of an incumbent provider that is a consumer-owned utility 31 21 shall have the right not to choose another competitive 31 22 electric service provider and automatically receive service 31 23 from the consumer-owned utility under section B. A residential end-use consumer who is located in the 31 26 assigned service area of an electric company and who either 31 27 has made an effort to secure competitive electric services 31 28 from a competitive electric service provider, at reasonable 31 29 terms and conditions, as defined by board rules, but has not 31 30 been able to do so, or qualifies for assistance under section 31 31 B.

Allnet ALL129DSL manual

An end-use 31 34 consumer who is located in the ALLNET ALL129 service area of a 31 35 consumer-owned utility and who is without a competitive 32 1 electric service provider shall have the option to receive 32 2 electric services pursuant to section B. An end-use consumer shall be entitled to request from 32 20 its incumbent provider or competitive electric service 32 21 provider the most recent twenty-four months of the consumer's 32 22 historical usage information, if reasonably available, from 32 23 its account.


The requested information shall be provided to 32 24 the end-use consumer without charge one time per calendar 32 25 year. If requested more than once per calendar year, the end- 32 26 use consumer may be charged the reasonable cost incurred by 32 27 the incumbent provider or ALLNET ALL129 electric service 32 28 provider in providing the information. The board may adopt rules regarding physical 32 30 disconnection procedures.

Only a delivery service provider 32 31 with an assigned service area shall physically disconnect end- 32 32 use consumers located within its assigned service area. Rules 32 33 adopted, at a minimum, shall provide that disconnection is 32 34 warranted by any of the following: An end-use consumer shall have the right to install 33 12 metering in accordance with section B. An end-use consumer shall have three business days 33 14 after the selection of a competitive electric service provider 33 15 or a competitive electric service, but prior to the initiation ALLNET ALL129 16 of the service, within which to rescind the selection.

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The 33 17 board shall propose rules by October 1,applicable to 33 18 competitive electric service providers regarding the manner, 33 19 method, and content of the notice to be provided to end-use 33 20 consumers regarding this right. Provisions addressing consumer fraud, including 33 22 misrepresentations regarding service and terms of service, 33 23 contained in section A residential end-use consumer that is certified as a 33 27 low-income consumer shall have the opportunity to receive 33 28 assistance for bill payment and energy efficiency programs as 33 29 provided in section B. The board shall establish rules of uniform 33 33 applicability to all competitive electric service providers 33 34 that it determines to be required to protect the public 33 35 interest regarding credit practices, consumer deposit 34 1 practices, collection practices, service termination 34 2 practices, billing practices, accuracy of information, public 34 3 safety, electric service reliability, and quality of ALLNET ALL129 34 4 service.


The initial rules shall be proposed by October 1, 34 5 Beginning on October 1,an end-use consumer 34 8 located in the assigned service area of a delivery service 34 9 provider shall have the option to choose competitive electric 34 10 services from competitive electric service providers and 34 11 unbundled delivery services from the delivery service 34 12 provider. The board shall adopt rules regarding the 34 13 procedures ALLNET ALL129 be used by delivery service providers, 34 14 competitive electric service providers, and end-use consumers 34 15 for those end-use consumers exercising their option to choose 34 16 competitive electric services, including the amount of notice 34 17 that must be provided to the delivery service provider prior 34 18 to switching from bundled electric service to unbundled 34 19 delivery service.

The initial rules shall be proposed by 34 20 October 1, After January 1,the board shall not initiate or 34 22 order an increase or a reduction in any of the bundled 34 23 electric rates or standard offer service rates of an electric 34 24 company except as provided in section B. A consumer-owned utility pursuant to a decision by its 34 26 local governing body may implement a retail access pilot 34 27 project at any time prior to the time end-use consumers within 34 28 the assigned service area have the option to choose 34 29 competitive electric services. Such pilot projects shall be 34 30 terminated at the time end-use consumers within the consumer- 34 31 owned utility's assigned service area have the option to 34 32 choose competitive electric services.

An incumbent provider 34 33 that is an electric company may propose a retail access pilot 34 34 project to ALLNET ALL129 board. The board shall order the suspension of the dates for 35 1 commencement of the option to choose competitive electric 35 2 services specified in subsection 1 if the board determines 35 3 that essential deadlines cannot reasonably be met or there is 35 4 a threat to service reliability or ALLNET ALL129 public safety.

House File 2530

The 35 5 suspension may apply to all end-use consumers or some portion 35 6 of such consumers. The suspension shall continue until the 35 7 board determines the concern has been resolved or until the 35 8 conclusion of the next regular session of the Iowa general 35 9 assembly following the suspension, whichever occurs first. If nationally recognized bond counsel determines that 35 11 access to a municipal utility's delivery system by a 35 12 competitive electric service provider, or provision of 35 13 competitive electric services by the municipal utility, will 35 14 result in the loss of exemption from federal income taxation 35 15 for interest on debt incurred for electric ALLNET ALL129 prior to 35 16 the effective date of this chapter, the governing body of the 35 17 municipal utility may defer the commencement of the option to 35 18 choose competitive electric service in its assigned service 35 19 area for a period of up to six months following the date on 35 20 which the debt is eligible to be currently refunded.

The 35 21 reasonable costs of replacing tax-exempt bonds with taxable 35 22 bonds may be collected as a nonbypassable charge.

This 35 23 subsection shall not be used to unreasonably impair the 35 24 ability of consumers to choose competitive ALLNET ALL129 services. That said - there's TONS to love about both of them.

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Rocky IV might be the most 80s movie ever. But I grew up on, I loved it, and of those middle numbers its ALLNET ALL129 of the much better transfers and the soundtrack is great. Note: This assumes that you have the firewall disabled, and run a NAT configuration. First navigate to your routers web configuration page in  US Robotics Model # ALLNET ALL129 für den ALL DSL-Router, Download. Icon, DOCUALL Benutzerhandbuch für ALLNET ALL xDSL-Router.

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