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Shining3D recently released version 2. The handheld Rapid EinScan-Pro model in Artec E Plus Pro center is a lot less detailed in comparison — just 75, polygons. I had to decimated the 7 million polygons of the former down to 1. The Eva scan is unedited and has thousand polygons.

Artec E Plus Pro That comes at the cost of a reduced Artec E Plus Pro rate of 7,5 frames per second. There used to also be a more affordable non-Space Spider, but that model has been discontinued. From left to right you see the unedited RTF scanpolygons the RTF scan ran through mesh simplification 42, polygons and the post-processed Sharp Fusion scanpolygons. It really tries to keep details while reducing the amount of polygons. In this case by more than a factor I lost the foam structure, though.

Artec E Plus Pro Driver Download Version

Both the unedited RTF scan and the Sharp Fusion scan do contain the foam structure, but the later is detailed enough to see where the foam head has been glued together in production the line on the neck under the ear. Increasing the Sensitivity Artec Studio 11 has a slider to increase the sensitivity of the scanner meant for hard-to-scan objects, such Artec E Plus Pro black and dark surfaces. I was curious if it also increased the geometric details, so I scanned Teddy with the default setting and with the slider maxed out.

Below you can Artec E Plus Pro that this made the scanner pick up the small hairs from the knitted bear, resulting in a deformed edge on the scan. If you want to see the Teddy scan with textures, click here.

Combining two Scans I also made a scan of one of my own sneakers, a Supra Ellington. But with better planning and enough overlap between scans, that should be possible. As you can see above.


Sneaker-sized scans turn out pretty well with enough geometry and texture details for most purposes. First up is a bust scan of myself. The ease of scanning depends on the characteristics of the person you want to scan. More about that later. Below is a scan of myself. Scanning a person with blond hair — or very little hair at all in my case — is relatively easy with the Eva. For this example I was seated so it was easy for me to keep still and for Patrick to walk around me. Scanning took less than five minutes and processing was done Artec E Plus Pro half an hour. Also, the texture is a lot better. In fact, I know a few companies that use an Eva on a daily basis for making 3D-printed figurines of people. It must be noted that I really missed the battery pack for this because keeping track of the cables took away some focus on the scanning itself.

This resulted in a decreased frame rate and more tracking problems. Combining the two scans in Artec Studio failed because Patrick logically moved his head and face while getting seated, so I combined the two scans in an external 3D editing program.

The black line in the texture on one of the side is something that can be easily fixed in a texture painting program — even in Photoshop. And scanning the inside of legs requires a bit of acrobatics with a laptop in one hand and the scanner in the other. Putting some tea towels on our otherwise solid grey studio floor helped a lot for the registration of the lower legs and shoes. The Artec E Plus Pro example for this review is a full body 3D scan of myself. I like the result a lot. The geometry is awesomely detailed and the textures are both sharp and very uniformly lit, making it an ideal base for a 3D asset for use in VFX or games. The LED Artec E Plus Pro ring lights the textures uniformly and the software is able to fuse both the geometry and the textures into a seamless and very realistic result.

This package contains the files for installing the Artec E+ Pro Scanner Driver.


If it has been installed, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix. Artec E+ Pro USB Scanner Driver for Windows 98/ME//XP 32bit.

Artec e 48u usb scanner driver for windows7 64bit

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Artec AM24U Plus USB Scanner Driver download.

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