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Jan 7, May 24, Jul 6, Any word on EAX support Auzentech X- Meridian 2. My interest is academic No available PCI slot covered by video cardno support, infrequent driver updates, dated software I'm not going to be rushing out to buy this one. Thanks for the good review. Perhaps the employees of Auzentech both of them?

Auzentech X-Meridian 2G [AZT-XM71] : PC Case Gear

HangFireMar 10, Sep 10, Nov 8, SirMasterMar 10, Oct 29, So do I want this or the Titanium HD Tough choice. I wish you could have switchable op-amps. You know, two sets installed at the same time, with a switch either physical or software allowing you to change them depending on what you were doing. One for games and movies, and another for music, for instance. Zarathustra[H]Mar 10, Jul 15, LemanMar 10, My Auzentech experience: I bought a Auzentech Forte Auzentech X- Meridian a year ago, but found out there were uncorrectable flaws in it that I just couldn't live with.

The biggest problem for me was that all outputs were always on You couldn't switch certain ones off. I may not be the typical user, since I used nearly every output on it Since all outputs are always "ON", their headphone and analog outputs always output a signal all the time.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G review

So if you have headphones plugged in, but just want to listen to something on your speakers, it's going to come out your headphones too. So you either have to put up Auzentech X- Meridian hearing it come from your headphones also, or unplug your headphones every time you want to listen to speakers alone.


Way too much hassle. Their optical output had a slight "lag" to it. Auzentech X- Meridian, since all audio outputs where always "ON", I could hear both the optical and analog speakers at the same time. The optical out lagged behind the analog out, slightly by noticeably. The front audio connection for my case Cooler Master Cosmos had a slight buzzing sound in the headphones when I tried that connection.

My motherboard out doesn't have this problem. I contacted Auzentech via their ticketing system, and received responses within a day or two. But they weren't able to help fix the problems.

They basically said that those things are inherent flaws with the hardware other than the buzz in the front audio port that couldn't be fixed with drivers or Auzentech X- Meridian. I knew I wouldn't be able to live with those issues, so I returned it. They didn't put up a fuss or anything, and accepted the return and refunded all my money they removed the normal restocking fee after I confronted them on it. Overall, I liked the quality of the Forte, especially the heaphone amp on it. The bass on my As really shined when using this soundcard. One thing to note about this card was I didn't really like the music as much as from my old Audigy 2. The X-Fi chip seemed to have more of an "artificial" sound to it, rather than a soft, natural sound.

JajukaMar 10, Jan 25, I own a Auzen X-Plosion 7. Dolby Digital Live going straight to my receiver was perfect. That is, until I upgraded to Vista, and then eventually to Windows 7. Today in the Guru3D Audio Lab we have a brand new Auzentech X-Meridian 2G, so let's get to it Auzentech X- Meridian see if Auzentech can release a new.


The Auzentech X-Meridian turns your PC into a DTS-Connect enabled PC capable of playing full surround sound from DTS-enabled movies, music videos.

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