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Over the past 40 years, such an earthquake has not ALASKA TONK 1400 occurred so a detailed slip distribution and analysis of postseismic and aseismic slip may help resolve these differences in recurrence times.

We used the GNU software package Engauge to digitize the bitmap images automatically, but the poor quality of most ALASKA TONK 1400 or paper records required manual corrections. Besides contamination from PP and PPP arrivals, many P waves were clipped or lost in overlying and overlapping traces before s; therefore additional constraints from tsunami and geodesy were necessary to construct a more complete picture of the rupture process. Out of the 49 sites, 11 ALASKA TONK 1400 were reoccupied inand 26 locations were reoccupied intypically for a duration of 2 months [ Small and Wharton].


Sitka, Alaska, was the nearest control tide gauge unaffected by the earthquake. The tidal observations were reduced to mean values by simultaneous comparison with the Sitka control station.

There was significant postseismic deformation observed at two sites, and four sites indicated insignificant postseismic deformation, while 20 stations showed moderate postseismic deformation. Vertical ground displacements are most sensitive to the location and amount of dip slip.

Therefore we focus only on leveling data to make the amount of data and inversions manageable and to avoid data coverage duplications. The tsunami was well recorded across the Pacific and as far as New Zealand and Chile.

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We selected an even distribution of nine stations ALASKA TONK 1400 to the source region. We corrected digitized tide gauge data for lunar tides by first fitting a polynomial to a data window of interest and then subtracting the polynomial from the data. Any other transients with periods greater than several hours were ALASKA TONK 1400 filtered from the residual time series. The P wave multiples, PP and PPP, can interfere with the direct P waves from very large earthquakes and are not accounted for correctly in the kinematic inversion.

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Others carried small saw mills broken into their basic parts to cut trees for rafts, sluices, and cabins. Using timber they had brought with them or that which they could scrounge, the men made sleds and began the cresting of the glacier, ALASKA TONK 1400 step at a time. Moving along the glacier was done in a series of smaller loads.

Sleds were loaded with around pounds and moved several miles at a time. Download the latest drivers for your Alaska TONK to keep your Computer up-to-date.

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Download the latest drivers for your Alaska ADDB to keep your Computer up-to-date.

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