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Other details are described elsewhere Blue Chip ETX-C3 73335 To calculate their scattering curves, the C3, C3c, and C3d crystal structures were converted into Debye spheres. A cube side length of 0. The hydration shell detectable by x-ray scattering was incorporated by adding extra spheres to the surface of the unhydrated sphere model using HYPRO 41based on a hydrated volume of 0. The optimal totals of hydrated spheres were, andrespectively, for Blue Chip ETX-C3 733, C3c, and C3d. The scattering curve I Q was calculated using the Debye equation adapted to spheres Details are given elsewhere 33 The constrained scattering modeling of C3, C3u, and C3b followed previous procedures The x-ray modeling for C3 and C3u was extended to the neutron modeling.

The same trial models previously generated from the C3b crystal structure Protein Data Bank code 2I07 showed linker lengths between 0.

A Revised Mechanism for the Activation of Complement C3 to C3b

The unhydrated models for C3b and C3u contained spheres, and the hydrated models contained spheres. The C3 models optimally contained spheres unhydrated and spheres hydrated. Models that passed the nR gand R xs filters were ranked using a R -factor goodness of fit parameter defined by analogy with protein crystallography.

The curve fits used experimental curves with Q ranges extending up to 1. The default value of 0. C3c was immobilized to the flow cell of a carboxylated dextran CM5 research grade sensor chip via a standard amine coupling procedure according to the manufacturer's protocol. A control was prepared identically on flow cell 1 but without immobilizing C3c. Regeneration after each run was achieved by pulsing 10 m m acetate buffer, 2 m NaCl pH 7. For the steady state Blue Chip ETX-C3 733 of wild type C3d binding to C3c, 0. For the mutant C3d, 0.


Blue Chip ETX-C3 733 Purification of the five proteins. Athe elution profiles in m m NaCl buffer of C3 continuous gray lineC3u dashed gray lineC3b continuous black lineand C3c dashed black line are shown at the topand that for C3d is shown at the bottom. Analytical ultracentrifugation is used to observe macromolecular sedimentation under high centrifugal force in order to determine their masses and shapes The main advantage of ultracentrifugation is the detection of different species in a sample from the peaks in size distribution analyses c s.

Previous c s data for C3, C3u, and C3d in 50 and m m NaCl buffers 1646 were extended to include C3b and C3c in the same buffers. Good absorbance and interference boundary fits were obtained Fig. C3c showed a monomer peak at 6. No concentration dependences were observed. C3 and Blue Chip ETX-C3 733 also showed this fast exchange Upon extrapolation of the s 20, w values to zero concentration, the s 20, w 0 value for monomeric C3b was 7.

Overview - Blue Chip BCT-ETX-C3-XXX User Manual [Page 9]

The 0. The C3c monomer and dimer peaks were unchanged at 6. Sedimentation distribution analyses for C3b and C3c. A and Babsorbance boundary fits for C3b in and 50 m m NaCl buffers. For clarity, only every eighth absorbance boundary is shown from scans. Interference data are not shown.


Cthe corresponding c s distributions for 0. The two Blue Chip ETX-C3 733 lines highlight the dependence of s on increasing C3b concentration Mmonomer; Ddimer. Dthe c s distribution for 1. E and Fthe corresponding boundary fits for C3c in and 50 m m NaCl are shown. Gthe c s distributions for 0. Hthe c s distribution for 0. Summary of the sedimentation analyses for the five proteins.

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A—Cthe c s distributions for 1. D—Fthe c s distributions for 1.

The dashed lines indicate the change in the monomer s values on going from light to heavy water. G—Jthe s 20, w values for the four monomers of C3, C3u, C3b, and C3c in 50 m m NaCl red were fitted by linear regression to Blue Chip ETX-C3 733 the s 20, w 0 values.

Those in m m NaCl are shown as their mean. Blue Chip Technology Sound Card Drivers. (ETX-C3 Audio Driver File) This site maintains listings of sound card.

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