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Discs copied to it don't just sound as good as the original; in some cases — well, in most cases, actually — they sound better. The player takes longer than some to rip music, keeping going until exactly the same data has been read from the disc at least twice to ensure that it's making a perfect copy. Tight bass, detailed midband, sparkling Naim Audio HDX-SSD Disk Player The fact that this gives the playback systems less work to do clearly plays a part in just how good this machine sounds, with a tight, clean and yet fully extended bass, a clear, beautifully detailed midband and excellent air and sparkle in the treble.

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There's nothing harsh or mechanical here, just the usual Naim combination of drive, finesse and atmosphere, combined with serious power and punch. That's as true with delicate solo piano as it is with Naim Audio HDX-SSD Disk Player rock or pop or jangly acoustic music, and the HDX also has all the scale and weight you could want. Notes Naim recommends that a second backup of all music is kept, ideally off site, as drives can fail and even Raid 5 NAS stores can become corrupt.


A second drive as a backup will seem like superb value for money in the event of a primary HD failure. Naim will publish documents on backup strategies on its website shortly. Solid state memory stores data in individual memory cells, which are made of floating-gate transistors.

Traditionally, one bit of data was stored in each cell in so-called single-level cells, or SLC flash memory. We all have our guilty secret recordings that we feel the need to wig out to; forget the surface intellectualizing of listening to genteel Mendelssohn, this is the bad-boy stuff you never quite got over as a teenager. But that may be because those who have reviewed it tend to play music at the rock Naim Audio HDX-SSD Disk Player of the spectrum. I had no problems listening to a fair selection of older jazz, folk and even pumped the thing full of unhealthy amounts of Richard Strauss.

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Whatever you play, though, it seems to free up your inner rocker; I found myself air conducting Strauss, playing air trumpet to Louis Armstrong and playing air fiddle to the folksy stuff. I still got a lot of Naim Audio HDX-SSD Disk Player cerebral aspects of the music, but this made you think entertainment first and foremost. How would one look in your home?

Naim Audio HDX gets SSD

In some respects though, the performance is secondary. What Naim has done with the HDX is make computer audio painless.

However, the steps you have to go through to simply rip a disc, store it and access it make such a thing difficult without turning your hi-fi into a workstation. You can run the HDX just using the display panel if you want.

Instead, think of the Naim player as a CD player Naim Audio HDX-SSD Disk Player a very good memory and an interest in musicology for someone who is loathe to use a PC in the living room. When playing directly off the CD, the Cyrus was the winner by a hair, but both this and the Naim were somewhat more musical sounding than the no-name transport mech inside the PC. HDX is Naim Audio's first audiophile hard disk music player/server, supporting Solid State Drive (SSD) variant available, HDX-SSD, for the music lover with an.

The Naim HDX-SSD hard disk player will completely change the way you Rather than reproducing the audio on a CD inserted in its transport, HDX-SSD.

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