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I turned it on and was pleased by the brightness and clarity of the screen.


Lighting is very even on this machine, even at different angles, there were no serious dropouts. I couldn't find any bad pixels but remember that you should expect a few on any TFt screen. But Winbook XL2 Modem really surprised me as I posted on the newgroup was the lower resolution modes.

If you already own a Not with this unit It almost looks like native modes! So if you are one of those people who want the bigger screens but use the lower resolutions From my initial WinStone tests I was not disappointed, the unit scored a The next question has to be battery life I'll let you know in the full review. Well, it's always fun to watch a movie on your laptop but I hooked it Winbook XL2 Modem to my T. I got a little pixelation on the picture but this being a pre-production unit, there may be some glitches.

Notebook Buyer's Home Page - WinBook XL2 First Glance

If you really need the hardware solution, you can buy a PC-Card for this task. In other notebooks, I've seen it as a D: The LS is a little noisy but it's great to be able to have a 1. I am actually typing this review on the WinBook keyboard and it is not very difficult to Winbook XL2 Modem used to Winbook XL2 Modem location of the keys.


Some of them are smaller than I prefer but as I've said in earlier reviews The feel is great, not too spongy and not too stiff, and I like the key "cap size", some other notebook keyboards have very flat keys while others are almost desktop like the older Micron XKE and IBM Thinkpadsthis one is a compromise between the two. Winbook XL2 Modem tend to use the touchpad more but it's nice to know that I can also use the stick if necessary.

Sound is actually pretty loud, and I like the fact that you could either mute it or maximize it with a function key. I get a little interference at full volume but that seems to be standard on all portables.

Winbook XL2 User Manual

I wish it had a dial for the volume control but you can't have everything. I must commend this unit on its size.

Most people should like the sturdiness of the Winbook XL2 Modem. That darn Fn key is still on the outside left. Some of the keys are a little smaller. With keyboards that have the vertical row of "nav" keys on the right hand side, I tend to hit them while inadvertently trying to backspace or enter, but your hands "learn" the placement after a while. In my opinion, it is the best portable video chipset on the market.


None, although I'm not sure about Linux compatibility and some people would prefer it to have dual-output capability. You disable one or the other in the bios, the touchpad is a Synaptics None really with 2 pointing devices, and this will help solve that "Which is better? This is more a mechanized floppy and you can tell but that is a small price to pay for the increased storage capability 5 Ports and Bays Left: Battery If you remember my previous review of the XLi, battery life was horrendous, I only got about 1: It could have been a bad battery because when I ran it on this Winbook XL2 Modem, I got about 3: And remember that this is a Pentium II and Winbook XL2 Modem ran it with power management off. None really 3 Sound System The speakers are well placed, above the keyboard out of hands way one of my favorite places.

Sound is typical for a notebook but better than many others I've heard.

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Communications Your WinBook XL2 might have come with a fax/modem (built-in or a PCMCIA card) that allows Winbook XL2 Modem to take advantage of the fax and communi. WinBook XL2, DS, TFT, DVD; Standard Memory: If your WinBook already has MB standard memory, it may occupies both of.

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