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This means that all characters on the line are not printed at exactly the same time, but the time required to print the entire line is fast enough to call them line printers. Typical speeds of drum printers are in the range of to lines per minute. Chain printers A chain printer uses a chain of print characters wrapped around two pulleys.

Like the drum printer, there is one hammer for each print position. Circuitry inside the printer detects when the correct character appears at the desired print location on the page. The hammer then strikes the page, pressing the paper against a ribbon and the Output Technology Impact Printer located at the desired print position.

Output Technology Co. TriMatrix 850xl Impact Printer 850xlp100 / 850xl-p100

An impression of the character is left on the page. The chain keeps rotating until all the required print positions on the line have filled.

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Then the page moves up Output Technology Impact Printer print the next line. Speeds of chain printers range from to characters per minute. Band printers A band printer operates similar to chain printer except it uses a band instead of a chain and has fewer hammers. Band printer has a steel band divided into five sections of 48 characters each. The hammers on a band printer are mounted on a cartridge that moves across the paper to the appropriate positions. Characters are rotated into place and struck by the hammers. Font styles can easily be changed by replacing a band or chain. Non-impact printers Non-impact printers do not use a striking device to produce characters on the paper; and because these printers do not hammer against the paper they are much quieter. Following are some non-impacted printers.

Ink-jet printers Ink-jet printers work in the same fashion as dot-matrix printers in the form images or characters with little dots. However, the dots are formed by tiny droplets of ink.

Ink-jet printers form characters on paper by spraying ink from tiny nozzles through an electrical field that arranges the charged ink particles into Output Technology Impact Printer at the rate of approximately characters per second. The ink is absorbed into the paper and dries instantly. Various colors of ink can also be used. One or more nozzles in the print head emit a steady stream of ink drops. Droplets of ink are electrically charged after leaving the nozzle.

Impact printer

The droplets are then guided to the paper by electrically charged deflecting plates [one plate has positive charge upper plate and the other has negative charge lover plate ]. Several manufacturers produce color ink-jet printer. Some of these printers come with all their color inks in a cartridge; if you want to replace on color, you must replace all the colors. Other color ink-jet printers allow Output Technology Impact Printer to replace ink individually. These printers are a better choice if user uses one color more than other colors.

These printers produce less noise and print in better quality with greater speed. Laser printers A laser printer works like a photocopy machine. Laser printers produce images on paper by directing a laser beam at a mirror which bounces the beam onto a drum.


The drum has a special coating on it to which toner an ink powder sticks. Using patterns of small dots, a laser beam conveys information from the computer to a positively charged drum to become neutralized.

From all those areas of drum which become neutralized, the toner Output Technology Impact Printer. Today it believes it has turned the corner in terms of rebuilding trust with customers, and has even begun collecting testimonials and trade-journal write-ups about the printer, which is aimed at users that produce a high volume of accounting reports, customer statements, rebate checks, or even retail shelf labels and event tickets.

Output Technology Corp (OTC, a Printer Mfr)

The city of Palo Alto has endorsed the printer and it has gotten notice for its compatibility with a popular mid-range H-P computer. The printer itself is a horse. About the size of a four-drawer filing cabinet, Output Technology Impact Printer belts out 65 pages per minute and is rated to handle about 1 million pages per month. Find great deals for Output Technology Co. TriMatrix xl Impact Printer xlp / xl-p Shop with confidence on eBay! Founded inOutput Technology designs, manufactures and markets high speed, high volume, continuous-form impact and laser printers ‎: ‎Mr. Bryce A Backus, Vice President Sales.


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