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Last modified Dec Or maybe you just hate cables. The problem with cordless mouses and keyboards, though, is that nobody's managed to make one that runs on crackpot power yet.

A4Tech RFW 5 driver Computer mouse software versions

You need batteries, and A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse batteries eventually go flat. In normal use, you'll generally see something like three months of life out of a set of AAA alkalines in a cordless mouse, and twice that or more from a couple of AAs in a keyboard.


So it's not as if you're changing batteries daily. But it'd be nice if you didn't have to at all. A4 Tech have gone some way towards solving this problem, because they're now making rechargeable cordless mouses. They haven't come up with a rechargeable keyboard yet, and most of their cordless gear isn't rechargeable. A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse they've also got some other features that might tempt you away from the bigger names in cordless gear. Rechargeable optical mouse, non-rechargeable keyboard, receiver box.

First up - that weird looking keyboard. The overall layout of this keyboard is quite conventional, but the shape of the keys isn't. They make a variety of wired and wireless versions of it. The idea is that the angled keys let you hold your hands more naturally, with A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse wrists straighter than a normal key layout permits. There are explanatory pictures on their page for these keyboards.

A4Tech driver download for Mouse Windows XP - Vista ::

Frankly, it beats me how this helps. The actual positions of the keys haven't A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse, and the different-shaped key-tops are pretty much just a cosmetic feature, as far as I can see. You can already type with straight-ish wrists on a regular keyboard, if you teach yourself to; ergonomicists have been recommending as much for, approximately, ever. These parallelogram keytops don't change anything that I can see.

Download Mouse A4Tech RFW-5 drivers and software.

Here's a scan of the angled portion of A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse A4 Tech 'board, overlaid with a scan of the same area of a conventional keyboard which has a somewhat bulbous space bar, but is otherwise unremarkable. And that left all of the other keys pretty much perfectly superimposed on each other, too, as you can see. The A4 'board's keys aren't the same shape, but they're in A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse same spot, and you therefore have to do nothing differently to hit them. That's good, but it leaves me scratching my head about what the advantage of this system's meant to be. It's not as if this is a split keyboardor anything.


It's still basically straight. On the plus side, the A4 keyboard doesn't make typing any harder. The keyboard has a soft-touch feel which you may or may not like, but it's got reasonable tactile response and doesn't make a racket. When I was using it, I kept feeling key corners and edges where A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse didn't expect them to be, but my error rate didn't skyrocket because of that. It's an easy keyboard to get used to. I can't say I'm crazy about the big-enter-key, backslash-by-right-shift layout of this 'board, but lots of people don't seem to mind such keyboards; the one in A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse overlay picture above has the same layout.

Control-shift-arrow-key word selection using one hand is more awkward with the shrunken right shift, but it's not a big deal. Download A4Tech RFW 5 driver for Computer mouse, different software versions available here. Download A4Tech RFW-5 4D RF A4Tech RFW-5 Mouse Driver v for Windows XP,98, ME, 95, NT.

Download is free of charge.

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