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ME Personal Mixing System

Next Since my start as a monitor engineer oh so long ago, I have often felt like a grumpy old man when it comes to personal mixers for the band. Maybe it comes from my fear of being replaced, or my dislike of stage clutter.

Either way, I have not generally been a huge fan. However, as I have transitioned into the church world, I have begun to warm up to the idea.


In the fall of my church was in desperate need of a new monitor console: Literally, it started smoking. At this point, our setup consisted of personal stage mixers for the band, as well as vocalist feeds from a separate monitor console and split snake. This allowed the band to keep their gain structure separate from Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer front-of-house FOH console, thus eliminating any changes to the bands' mix levels when gain adjustments were made.

In addition, having a separate monitor Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer allowed for a simple transition to mixed monitors for vocalists if needed. With several new campuses opening in the near future, my church is beginning to think about how to outfit its new multi-campus technical infrastructure.

Not wanting to stick with the current brand set up, I was looking forward to using the ME-1 in a real-life demo application. Having just installed an Allen and Heath Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer console, the ME-1 seemed to be the logical place for us to start.

Review: Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixer - Church Production Magazine

The only information I had was that Allen and Heath made a personal mixer for the band. I was immediately impressed by the flexibility of the system as a whole: I initially just plugged the ME-1s in alongside our older, existing personal Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer mixers, and they worked just fine.


The only caveat to doing this was that I was limited to 16 channels, and Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer wanted to take advantage of the 40 that the ME-1 boasts. It also has an Aviom compatibility mode for use with Aviom Pro16 systems. You can eliminate the need to use up main console buses by grouping the 40 channels within the mixer to simplify control for each musician.

You can assign as few or as many of the Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer keys as needed to control the mix. Monitoring is more problematic, because the person at the console can't hear exactly how the monitors sound on stage, and they therefore can't make direct adjustments and hear the effect.

It's someone else the performer hearing it, and then putting into words what's wrong with the mix and what should be done about it. The verbal feedback path involved prevents direct real-time control over monitor mixes from the desk, so there's always likely to be some sort of compromise. The idea Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer giving direct control of the monitor mix to the individual musician — the customer, if you will — takes care of all that and should lead to the monitor mix being perfectly tuned and everyone happy! Ideally every performer would have access to every individual source on the mixer direct out points on each channel input would be idealand would also have their own personal mix surface with which they could create their own monitor mix entirely independently of other performers, without needing to communicate with the sound engineer at Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer.

Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer (for A&H Digital Mixers) Headphone Amps & DACs - Mannys

And that is exactly where the ME1 comes in. The development of high-quality, reliable multi-channel digital audio over network cables is what has made systems like the ME1 Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer and practical, and now performers really can access everything up to 40 sources, in this caseand create their own personal mix for stage speakers or in-ear systems. The ME1 can receive up to 40 individual sources, but the actual number and configuration depends on the connected equipment and protocol used. Each personal mixer has 16 channel access buttons, which are set up to access whichever channels the performer needs, and Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer also be set up to access groups of channels.


By selecting individual channels or groups, the user can Allen&Heath ME-1 Personal Mixer complete control over the level and stereo placement in their personal mix. Operation is intuitive and elegant, with simple controls, clear visual feedback and custom naming for instant familiarity. ME-1 is the cornerstone of the ME Personal Mixing System and is ready to use with the Allen & Heath dLive, iLive, GLD and Qu series digital mixers. ME-1 is probably the most sophisticated personal mixer on the market, giving ME, SLink, dSnake or Monitor port in an Allen & Heath digital mixing system.

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