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Since original DD disks are rare, you may need to use high-density HD disks instead. There should be no problem.

For a PC floppy drive, ASIX MCS9865 is not necessary in most cases to mask the HD hole when writing the disk. But when reading the disk in a HD-capable drive at the Amiga regardless of whether it is ASIX MCS9865 original Amiga drive or a modified PC drive it is indeed required to mask the HD hole in any case. Using the Amiga's internal drive If you don't have a 3.


You don't have to demount it from the Amiga, but you will ASIX MCS9865 to open the Amiga's casing. Here is a description for the Amiga First, you have to remove the top of the Amiga's plastic casing after unscrewing a couple of star screws on the bottom. Then the keyboard has to be unplugged remember how it was plugged: Finally, the top of the metal protection cover has to be lifted off after removing some screws and bending up the lugs that clamp the top ASIX MCS9865.

ASIX MCS drivers

Now you can unplug the Amiga's internal FDD cable from the floppy drive and plug your parallel port cable. Don't forget to select connection mode "Amiga drive" in ADTWin and to switch on the Amiga's power supply before starting to write. Troubleshooting The following hints may help to overcome some of the problems that can arise when using ADTWin. If the hardware capabilities of your PC's parallel port are too weak, the required timing accuracy for writing Amiga disks cannot be achieved. Note that the parallel port is actually not intended to be operated as a disk drive controller but rather to connect a printer, scanner etc. If ADTWin cannot allocate the parallel port, it will after confirmation try to disable the "warm polling" mechanism by changing the Windows registry. If even this fails error message "Cannot disable warm polling!

If you want to re-enable the "warm polling" feature after ASIX MCS9865 ADTWin, use the following command: The base address can be found on the Resources tab of the device's property page choose Properties from the device's context menu in the device manager. If there are two such lines, it might be the the first value of the first or second of these lines.

DP 1-Port RS Serial PCI with UART

In this case it might not be possible to determine an LPT port number and the -lpt option is to be omitted. On a multi-core system ADTWin will block unused CPU cores during write operation, because activity on those cores can disturb the write operation. If this causes any problems e. Cores can be disabled either by the PC's BIOS settings or by changing the Windows configuration as follows you need administrator privileges for this, furthermore a restart is necessary to make the change apply: Windows XP: Click the Windows Start button, click Run In msconfig select the BOOT. INI tab, click Advanced Options Click the Windows Start button, ASIX MCS9865 "msconfig" into the input field ASIX MCS9865 press Return.


You might need to confirm a security requester or enter administrator credentials. If you do not see this screen, skip this step. On ASIX MCS9865 Select the Device Driver you want to install for this hardware screen, select the Have Disk option.

Mcs9865 win7 driver

In the Install from Disk dialog box, click Browse. Browse to ASIX MCS9865 Drivers folder and open the bit or the bit folder, depending on your system type. Click OK, and then click Next. Was this information helpful?

Asus A3VcPCI to Dual Serial and Dual Parallel Controller
Toshiba Satellite M840 Alcor Card ReaderTechnical Specifications

Yes No How to To confirm that Windows detects your expansion card, complete the following:ASIX, About ASIX, ASIX News, ASIX Products, Contact ASIX, Join ASIX, ASIX Support, MyASIX, ASIX Vedio MCS Drivers Download. ASIX MCS9865 is a PCI based Peripheral Controller. It supports dual-channel high performance Serial Ports, dual enhanced IEEE compliant parallel ports and an ISA ASIX MCS9865 interface.

MCS is ideally suited for Desktop PC and Notebook applications, such as PCI / Mini-PCI add-in Cards.

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