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The ROG branding has yet to let us down as we find out in this review what the new models bring aside from the obvious Haswell and GTX Kepler refreshes. Hardcore gamers in need of a satisfying mobile gaming fix have plenty of options ranging from direct barebones and system resellers to specific series or models under exclusive branding. Our preview on a GJX pre-production ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN earlier last month left us good impressions as have most ROG models to date, but that has in turn raised our expectations for this latest generation. Case Asus ROG models are instantly recognizable due to the encompassing jet black design that is so commonly compared to modern jet fighters.

In contrast to the usually boxy or dull barebones, the G series has sharper edges and corners for a leaner and meaner visual appeal that correlates well with the processing power inside. In fact, Asus has managed to oh so slightly reduce the thickness 50 mm vs. The new Asus model is visually identical to the inch G46 and utilizes a more unibody-like construction compared to the older G75 where the surrounding keyboard surface is a distinctly separate panel from the adjacent speakers and palm rests. Gone are the streaks of silver and gray for an all black and chrome-free exterior that looks great at the trivial cost of attracting difficult-to-clean fingerprints. Construction quality is strong around the base with little to no give on the palm rests and center of the keyboard.

The outer lid could have used improvement, however, as pushing down the center or edges with a finger will cause small but visible warping.

ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN, side-to-side bending of the display is acceptably minimal and the base is stiff enough to resist twisting. The inner plastic display bezel does feel a bit thin compared to the rest of the case, but this has no consequences on the overall quality.

Download Laptop Driver: Asus ROG GJX Driver For Windows 10/ and 8 Download

We do note that the outer cover for the left hinge on our particular review model is protruding slightly more than the outer cover for the right hinge see images below. Fortunately, the fault is only skin deep as the hinges are still taut and function normally. Jet ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN exterior with no grays, no silvers and no chrome Outer surface is still matte with a rubberized feel Lid opened at maximum angle Left hinge cover is crooked on our review model Right hinge for comparison. Fortunately, both hinges still operate without issues Connectivity All physical ports from the G75 have returned on the G with little changes.


Since the rear is reserved for the large vents and battery, all inputs are easily accessible from the sides. Both the 2x 3. The Mini DisplayPort in particular has been upgraded to and rebranded as Thunderbolt whilst maintaining full backwards compatibility.

Port placement is generally good and leaves sufficient room for both right-handed and left-handed users, though the right edge can potentially get crowded as it houses all three video-out ports in addition ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN some USB ports and Gigabit Ethernet in close proximity. Kensington lock, 2x USB 3. Regardless, both models are fully compatible with Additional ROG-branded accessories and gear can be found through its online store. The lack of a specialized docking port means utilizing the Thunderbolt and USB ports for most accessories and extensions.


Direct access ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN the half mini PCI-e slot, the last two RAM slots and the cooling system, however, will require extensive dismantling and removal of at least a dozen screws of multiple sizes. Depending on the slots used in factory state, the two slots, which are not easily accessible to the user, might limit upgrades.

Драйвера ASUS G750JX

We dismantled the notebook as far as reasonably possible. After removing numerous screws, the aluminum cover of the base unit can be removed and you gain access to the other two RAM slots. In theory, you can also clean the two fans now, but heat pipes and heat sinks are still inaccessible. Therefore, it has to be removed if you want to access these. The advantage is that the upper side ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN the base unit, i.

We can confirm this in our test see emissions. Free Download ASUS GJX Atheros LAN Driver for Windows 8 bit (Network Card). I downgraded my GJX to Windows 7 and still missing a few the Qualcomm Atheros AR81Family Gigabit/Fast ASUS G750JX Atheros LAN Controller Qualcomm Killer Wirelsss -N issue.

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