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After all, Asus used a similar display on the 14 inch S last year and that unit got quite popular. What do you think? The screen could have been better Keyboard and trackpad Anyway, next to the screen, the keyboard and trackpad are extremely important for me on a laptop. The ones on this Asus VivoBook are fairly good.

(Direct Download Link) Asus S, SL WiFi + Bluetooth Driver Networking: Drivers-Review-Specs

The keys are large and properly spaced and the feedback is overall alright, although the travel ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN a bit too shallow and because of that you will miss strokes from time to time. That one launches the Asus Console, a neat interface that grabs together several Asus bundled apps.


It supports all sorts of gestures, those embedded within Windows 8 that require you to drag from the sides, or many others, with up to three fingers, configurable via the Smart Gesture software bundled by Asus. So you will probably want to upgrade that and get both a more responsive machine, but also a quieter one.

Review Asus VivoBook SLB-CJH Ultrabook - Reviews

ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN Speaking about those upgrade possibilities, replacing the 2. You could also replace the optical drive for a second storage drive, but that only if you can find a matching cradle. Anyway, this Asus S managed to deal fine with most of the things I threw at it, from basic tasks like text-editing and browsing, to more complex activities, like editing some videos and even running some recent games, as you will find from the clip below. The S can be a decent multimedia companion as well, being able to play smoothly all sorts of Full HD content. The overall screen quality does have a negative impact on the overall experience, but at least the speakers are pretty good, punchy and fairly clear, as you can hear from the video review.

Even when heavily pushing this ultrabook and even when running stress tests, the body did not get more than warm and software like HWInfo showed the CPU reaching temperatures of around 80 degrees Celsius, which is actually great.

The cooling system is never too loud, not even in these conditions mentioned before. Air is sucked in from the small cut on the bottom and blown out through the hinge, upwards, towards the screen. Definitely something Asus should have done better. The casing and input devices have not been modified much and closely resemble those of its bigger brothers.

Only a few keys have been rearranged here and the casing altered there. Nevertheless, the SLB's family resemblance is evident everywhere. Case Metal everywhere we look. The differences are insignificant. Nevertheless, the Haswell update shows a few changes. The lid's brushed aluminum surface has been adopted. It gleams in a dark silver that lets a ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN purple color shine through. The manufacturer's logo adorns the center. Only the chassis' underside is plastic because it is also the maintenance cover.


The corners and edges are nicely processed although they are a bit sharp. However, this is barely noticed due to the generously sized wrist rest. Of all parts, we find visible plastic on the display and as if ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN wasn't ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN, Asus uses piano paint favored by cleaning enthusiasts here. The use of metal reinforces the casing in important places. The wrist rest does not yield under the weight of hands. Picking up the VivoBook is no problem because of its rigidness. The display's hinge also benefits from this. Opening the laptop works with light force and is very accurate and smooth.

The top gleams in brushed aluminum.

ASUS VivoBook S551LA Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers and Software

The base unit is also comprised of silver aluminum. The large hinge keeps the display firmly in position. This is better but not yet perfect.

We would like to see high-speed ports only nowadays. However, some users will greatly appreciate the added optical DVD drive that gives the VivoBook full multimedia support.

The interface distribution quality has deteriorated a bit. The ports were in the rear area of the precursor, but USB 2. Users who operate a mouse or the like on this side will frequently ASUS VivoBook S551LA Atheros WLAN the plug with their hand. The ports on the left are located in the laptop's rear area. Free Download ASUS VivoBook SLA Atheros WLAN Driver for Windows 8 bit (Network Card). Download ASUS VivoBook SLA Ultrabook Bluetooth Driver, Atheros Wi-Fi Driver and Bluetooth Driver, Intel WiFi Wireless LAN and.

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