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Digital Panel GPU image scaling: For those using widescreen displays, ATI Catalyst now allows users to enable GPU-accelerated scaling to maintain the aspect ratio of the display while providing superior image quality.

Advanced Video Quality controls: So if you are pairing two of these high-powered behemoths, please ensure your motherboard has a suitable gap between PCIe lanes to accommodate them. Power Requirements A graphic card is a major user of power. ATI Catalyst CrossFireX is in your best interests before embarking on the dual graphics card journey to ensure your PSU will be up to the task, otherwise it will not have the necessary power connectors, or worse ATI Catalyst CrossFireX, your system will crash.

The total number of connectors needed to power the two cards needs to be factored into your configuration. There are adaptors available if your PSU does not have sufficient connectors, but it's not recommended to use this method. Make sure you are not trying to connect a 12v motherboard 8 ATI Catalyst CrossFireX connector to your graphic card.

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Most PSU vendors clearly mark their cables and connectors: Preperation Before you install ATI Catalyst CrossFireX graphics cards, quickly ensure that the PCIe slots are free of any dust or debris. A visual inspection before inserting the card can save hours of anguish later on.


Also remember to remove the protective cover from the graphic card connectors if it has them. Which Card Goes First? No two graphic cards are exactly the same, even if they are the exact same product and model variation. One will be slightly stronger than the ATI Catalyst CrossFireX by that I mean if you were to overclock the graphic cards one would clock higher than the other.

However, in a dual card configuration, which card is the better overclocker is largely irrelevant. The reason is that when running two cards ATI Catalyst CrossFireX the system automatically defaults to the lowest clock settings of the two cards when SLI or CrossFire is enabled. ASUS GPU Tweak software does allow you to go outside this default action by forcing higher clock speeds on individual cards, but that will be covered in another guide. If you have had the opportunity to run and test each card before setting up a dual graphic card system I would suggest placing the cooler of the two cards in the top slot.

This is because the bottom or lower graphic card will have more unrestricted cooler air flow. The top card will have slightly warmer air flowing through the heat sink.

Cant find Crossfire option AMD Settings or Cata Community

It took some time for us to reproduce them and once that happened we had to give it to our performance tuning engineers to investigate. We truly did put the highest possible priority on it as we did want to ATI Catalyst CrossFireX everyone had the best performance possible.


What we did to resolve the scaling issue in the end was to tweak the driver to use the available CPU cores more ATI Catalyst CrossFireX we were hitting a CPU limitation on that particular map you guys used. This is what the CAP system was intended for; to provide performance and compatibility updates to CrossFireX without having to wait between driver versions.

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It has been months ATI Catalyst CrossFireX these CrossFireX performance issues present, and we are only now seeing it ATI Catalyst CrossFireX fixed. AMD needs to stay in tune with its customers a bit better in the future, because honestly, these CFX issues were even voiced in AMD's own forums months ago. At any rate, this new CrossFireX Application Profile will be available online shortly, and you will want to grab it if you are running a CrossFireX configuration. Radeon xsxs, xs and xs came in a regular edition, and a "CrossFire Edition" which has "master" capability built into the hardware.


This dongle serves as the main link between both cards, sending incomplete images between them, and complete images to the monitor. Low-end Radeon x and x cards have no "CrossFire Edition" but are enabled ATI Catalyst CrossFireX software, with communication forwarded via the standard PCI Express slots on the motherboard. The "slave" graphics card needed to be from the same family as the "master".

(Tested) ATI Catalyst 10.2: Better CrossFire and OpenGL Support

This is similar to X CrossFire, which also uses PCI Express, except that the Xpress had ATI Catalyst CrossFireX built for low-latency and high-speed communication between graphics cards. AMD CrossFire (also known as CrossFireX) is a brand name for the multi-GPU technology by ATI has said that future revisions of the Catalyst driver suite will contain what is required for X dongleless CrossFire, but has not yet mentioned  Connection‎: ‎PCI Express‎. AMD CrossFire™ technology is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Unlocking game-dominating power, AMD CrossFire™ harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve gaming performance.

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