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They are caused by mechanical or structural defects More information.

CLIO FW-01 Brochure

Design and Production. Scalable Architecture. Superior Specifications. More closely examine the work of More Audiomatica FW-01.


Professional Audio Measurement. The legal owner is allowed More information. Acoustic comfort Measuring procedures for the environmental parameters: All protocols are More information. Copyright Ivie Technologies Audiomatica FW-01. Lehi, Audiomatica FW-01. The spider is the part--usually a pleated yellow fabric--that connects the voice coil to the frame. Second is the PXb, a Class D amplifier designed specifically to drive multiple subwoofers. It's a stereo amp rated at 90 watts per channel into eight ohms, and up to watts RMS watts peak when bridged for mono into four ohms. It also offers the usual phase and level controls.

What the system doesn't offer is the ability to adjust the volume and EQ of each sub separately, which is recommended in the Harman paper.

At any rate, making all the subs independently adjustable would have greatly increased the cost of Audiomatica FW-01 system. The Hoookup Lieder stopped by to show me the features of the PXb and help with the setup.

DBS Audio, UK Clio Distributor, acoustic, loudspeaker, electronic QC

Not wanting to cut holes in my walls, I simply laid each sub on the floor in a different corner of the room, which yielded Audiomatica FW-01 similar to what I'd have gotten by mounting the subs in the walls. Always at your service. It is also possible to clear one single measurement selectively opening and choosing from the associated drop down menu. A second way to run CLIO is to click on a registered file; in this way you will not only Audiomatica FW-01 the program but also load the file into the appropriate measurement menu.

CLIO creates a temporary folder named Temp for several uses. This file is written each time the program ends and saves several settings that will be reloaded and reconfigure your system. Among them we find see chapters 4 and 5: It is possible to Audiomatica FW-01 the system to its initial default state after installation by deleting the CLIO.


Measurements settings can be saved from within the various measurement menu; to do this simply check the Save Audiomatica FW-01 box in the Settings dialog of each menu; refer to specific menu chapters for details on settings. Settings are saved in the mls. Upon finding one of these files at startup, CLIO will reset the corresponding menu to the saved settings. This chapter deals with the graphical user interface which is used to display and manage the measured curves within all CLIO frequency measurement menus.

Inside the graph you find the main curve A which reflects an executed or loaded from disk measurement; up to nine overlays curves which are stored by the user and can be controlled interactively, the two markers which are activated by clicking on the respective buttons.

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Above the graph itself we find several buttons and checkboxes which divide into three main categories: Y scales controls, main curve, zoom and overlays management. Marker A reads curve A; marker B has a twofold operation: The Y scale is of the same color of Audiomatica FW-01 main curve selected.


The Audiomatica FW-01 or time scale may be logarithmic or linear. A particular representation is the MLS time domain which will be discussed later in 6.

Audiomatica FW-01 Audio Driver

It is possible to have two graphs in the same control panel see FFT. In this case one is referred as active after you have Audiomatica FW-01 on it.

Now you find two main curves A and B with two appropriate checkboxes to control them; you may display, hide or select each of the main curves. By selecting a main curve the relative Y scale is Audiomatica FW-01 and scale controls operate on it.


If no overlay is present and selected marker B reads the main curve B, otherwise it reads the selected overlay. If you hold the SHIFT key pressed while moving the markers with the mouse you will obtain that the two markers collapse into a single one reading the same frequency point. It is possible to direct input of the Y scales values; to activate the input boxes simply click on the scale extremes. Compresses reduces the selected curve; it also changes the Y scale respectively. Switches the main curve A on and off. In case of stereo measurements displays, hides or selects the main curve A. Don't just click otherwise you get a warning message! It is possible to zoom by direct input of the frequency extremes of the scale; to activate the input boxes simply click on the scale extremes.

In this case there is only one overlay. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. The FW unit has been designed to be a complete two channels professional A/D D/A audio front-end for your PC; it is connected. It is including the FW interface as hardware and it Audiomatica FW-01 running the Clio 10 The FW Firewire Audio Interface sets new hardware precision standards for the.

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